Friday, 7 November 2014


Good morning, tis Friday and time for a round up of the last 7 days positives!

You'll be pleased to know that I've got a few photos to share this week, first up the ivy flower bees.  They were mentioned on Autumn watch last week and they wondered how far north they had travelled, we went for our walk on Saturday morning and walked past some ivy that was in full flower and literally buzzing - so loud from the bees.  Managed to get a couple of photos, really must let Autumn  watch know though! 

Next up the spooky decorations in the new visitor's centre at Brodsworth hall which we visited last Friday.

We went with the intention of enjoying the autumn colours and abandoning some art!

I used washi tape to stick the art work down for people to find!

We found a few places to leave some

We enjoyed seeing all the ladybirds that were around too - some got a bit too close though!

We left some of the art inside too, but most was around the garden!

We had a wander around the house, even though we've visited it a lot in the past.  I still love this ship in one of the rooms!

Said 14 year old managed to get a photo of the two of us!

Hubby found some interesting fungi!

Then there was the annual carving of the pumpkins

Using an ice cream scoop!

Dressing up the window to entice the trick or treaters as we rarely get any!

Mission accomplished on the pumpkin, the contents were turned into soup and the seeds were roasted in the oven!

Husband and said 14 year old's warped sense of humour!

They look quite good lit too!

This was the other pumpkin duly completed

Saturday saw us going for an autumn walk to find some geo-caches!  How about this for a path?

Great views of Wentworth Castle whilst we traversed the Trans Pennine trail!

Hubby checking out the co-ordinates of one of the geo-caches which had been a royal pain to find, they were 'out' but not by much!

A walk back along the reservoir was nice too - a real wintery sun!

We were surprised how low the water was at the reservoir, not sure we've seen it that low - ever!

Back to work before we knew it, but we did manage to squeeze in a trip to the cinema on Sunday to see the Maze Runner, I liked it but would have liked it to have finished as a full film rather than a forerunner to a sequel if you know what I mean!

Work tripped along at a merry old pace and then car decided indicators weren't necessary (again) and broke completely until about 2 minutes from the garage the following day when they started working again.  So why the grateful?  Well hubby for rescuing me, following me to garage, the garage for persevering and hopefully (fingers toes crossed, touch wood etc) making her better.  Hubby for collecting me from work, taking me back to garage etc etc etc.  Hubby generally! 

Then work for letting me have Thursday as TOIL (assumed the car would still be poorly and was chronically aware of the impact I'm having on hubbies work time) and now I have Thursday stretching out in front of me, I've done a to do list - it is quite honestly longer than the day but i'm going to try and squeeze every morsel out of it! 

Bonfire night party at my Mum's - we had a fire which was brill and very warm, some lovely food, great company and finished the night off with some fab fireworks! 

I'm also grateful to have had two Rockette's share their Rocking posts last week - Kate and Carmen - it was lovely to visit the two of you as it were.

So if you fancy joining in, pop a blog post together, pop back link up and we'll come and visit, don't forget to leave a message too! 

I hope you've had a beautiful and blessed week and that the weekend is a positive one! 


  1. wow, once again you've packed a lot in - I always enjoy your days out, this was another cracker. Love the pumpkin carving/spewing! Hope your car continues to behave herself!

  2. Beautiful photos Virginia - I swear that one of the reservoir is moving! Looks like the water is moving on my screen.

    I hate when they end films like that - always feel cheated - especially if they then DON'T do the sequel for whatever reason.

    I will be posting again today - just have some piccies to take.

    Carmen x

  3. Lots of happy news again this week, Virginia. I don´t ´do´halloween so forgive me for glossing over that bit, but the views on your walk were beautiful. I love the wintery sun on the water. It looks a bit cold for me though. I am glad you enjoyed your bonfire party. I love the fireworks but we don´t have them much around here - just noisy ones that aren´t pretty at all!
    I hope your car has been properly fixed this time. You husband sounds very kind and thoughful, and it is great to see how your lad enjoys doing things with him.
    It will be good to have another post from Carmen later.
    Have a good week. Kate x

  4. excellent photos! (playing catch up again... :) ) jx