Sunday, 30 November 2014


Good morning, hope I find you well, I'm here to share a couple more layouts using the fab 12 Pledges kit from Jen at Wear Crafts this month.

So first up the three of us on a barge trip in the summer.  I loved the papers and wanted to use the key elements from this one.  I used a border punch on the top and bottom and then stuck to some dotted cardstock, matted the photo added a couple of hearts and it was done!

Next up Bowes museum which we visited earlier in the year.  Again using a border punch, using some of the cut elements from other papers in the kit and some of the stickers.

And the final layout using this kit me and said 14 year old at our second visit to Wroxeter's Roman Villa.  A strip of the floral paper, couple of strips of the plaid style papers, three hole punched hearts.  I used a grungy stamp on the layout and added the title.

So you'll be asking where to get this kit from - well head over to Jen's Wear Craft website

Fancy some more inspiration then check out fellow DT Lesley's blog posts 

or our leader herself - Jen's blog 

And did I mention the cost of the kit - £5 - that's right £5, fancy a few extras, Jen usually has some fab add on elements you can buy too - so what are you waiting for! 

Saturday, 29 November 2014


Good morning one and all - and we are here to look at the layouts created with the gorgeous papers available in the 12 Pledges Wear Crafts kit this month.

First up a photo taken on a day trip to a Japanese Garden, part of a birthday treat for my sister.  I loved the gorgeous flowers on this paper and thought they set off the pagoda photo beautifully.  A frame around the paper, some of the lined paper for journalling, matted the photo and used some of the letter stickers for the title.

Next up what we thought was the 'oak' at Boscobel House (but turned out to be a younger relative - whoops).

I liked playing with these papers, the subtle stripes and fabulous quotes really made this layout.  I used a grungy stamp with some distress inks to tie the layout in and my trusty heart stamp.

So you'll be asking where to get this kit from - well head over to Jen's Wear Craft website.  Pop back tomorrow and I'll share a couple more layouts that I managed out of the kit!

Fancy some more inspiration then check out fellow DT Lesley's blog posts 

or our leader herself - Jen's blog 

And did I mention the cost of the kit - £5 - that's right £5, fancy a few extras, Jen usually has some fab add on elements you can buy too - so what are you waiting for!

Friday, 28 November 2014


Good morning, afternoon, evening one and all, we find ourselves on the last Friday of November already and yet again time to take stock and reflect on the last 7 days.

You'll be pleased to know there are a few more photos this week - I am trying! 

So the biggest happy and grateful moment of the week is this photo of me and Sarah meeting for the very first time.  I've known Sarah online for an age and regard her as one of my best friends, so to finally get to meet her in person really was amazing!  We met at an ice hockey match when she was visiting the locality last Saturday and we got on like a house on fire - which is what I expected.  I also got to meet her clan as well - which was fab! 

Saturday morning me and hubby escaped to the local heritage centre where we popped for a coffee.  They'd decorated the place which was lovely and I loved this statement on the wall! 

The coffees were pretty nom too! 

I liked the giant snowflakes on the ceiling - it was lovely to take a break from everything and just enjoy each others company!

Oh I nearly forgot - when I met Sarah I got a selection of her gorgeous Lost Dogs stickers!  So I've now got a fabulous selection of these amazing stickers!

Sunday was stir it up Sunday where I made the Christmas pud, I've used the same recipe year on year and love it - no fat in it, light and tasty!  This is it before I cooked it

And here I am making the obligatory pudding wish (I have photos of hubby and said 14 year old 
partaking in this as well). 

Sunday saw us venture to Wentworth Castle for their Christmas market, we didn't buy anything (I have this awful habit of doing the 'I could make that') but it was lovely to listen to the carol singers and enjoy the autumn colours across the landscape! 

And said 14 year old - looking taller and older by the day - it's so strange seeing him grow so much so quickly!  He is still great company with a great sense of humour - all good!

Then almost completing the Autumn Bucket List - only one item missed off which I think is pretty good.  I've now replaced it with the Christmas bucket list which is continuing to grow!

And the last grateful is the safe delivery of my ceramic poppy from the Tower of London display.  Not sure how to display it yet, but display it I will.

So there you go, happy moments from the last 7 days, if you fancy joining in then pop a post together, pop back link up and we will come and visit.  

Hope you've had a fabulous week.

Thursday, 27 November 2014


Finally got around to photographing some layouts the other day when the light level was brighter than the dull misty grey we have this morning.

It seems forever since I was doing the Summer of colour challenge crikey nearly Christmas what's happening to this year!

Have a happy scrapping day!

Friday, 21 November 2014


Here I am once again, finding the week has tripped along at a merry old pace!  It really does get crazy silly doesn't it at this time of the year!

So what positives have the last 7 days brought?

Well the hairdressers last Friday to tame this crazy hair of mine (and said 14 year old), it always feels great after it's done but it's back to giant crazy hair again now - far too long to dry it let along straighten and now it's needing a bottle of the blonde stuff to make it look happier!

Saturday was a strange day, we had a to do list we just chose not to do anything from it, with a food shop before I knew what was happening I was defrosting fridges and freezers and clearing out food cupboards with hubby - so why the positive, well knowing what we have, means we get to use things up and we don't waste things, plus it needed doing before Christmas anyway so win win on that front!

Sunday - a jaunt down to the local heritage centre for a wander around their Christmas stalls, it was lovely to browse, an awful lot of jewellery stalls to be had and a few foodie ones that we had to steer clear of but lovely to have a wander all the same.  We took my sister and niece, so it was lovely to catch up with the two of them.

Talking of sister and niece, the fun we had in the second hand reloved store - they called it vintage - I called it second hand and personally wouldn't be seen in any of the items in the store, however, I can appreciate the fact that the items would be one offs as it were thus making them more appealing to my teenage niece.  She looked amazing in the sloppy jumper she found.  Then my sister found the hats, she has always loved hats, it doesn't matter what they are like she just loves them!   So here is the photo of her trying on that hat which she apparently has regretted not buying ever since!  I did ask her where she thought she'd be able to wear it - answers on a post card.  You might also notice the rather purple looking hair that she is currently sporting!

Monday and Tuesday disappeared but the physio on Wednesday was helpful to the foot albeit really painful!  However, if I get my foot to the point where I can start walking more frequently I'd be more than happy!

Other positives - the speed of deliveries after a clicking frenzy (aka panic frenzy) on Sunday afternoon. 

People at work being lovely about my mini books and scrapbooking when I took a couple of things in to show them - made me fair smile! 

Hubby - just because and said 14 year old - who is fab - as always! 

I hope your week has been full of positive grateful moments, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back link up and we will come and visit! 

Friday, 14 November 2014


Good morning, well it's Friday again - argh!  I mean yay!!!!!  It has been an incredibly fast week this week.

So list of grateful moments for this last 7 days.  Well first up a trip to the theatre last Friday to see Stomp.  Not our first venture to see this (we went a few years ago), but this was different and we really really enjoyed it.

Saturday was full of jobs around the house, sorting the garden out now the scaffold is down, tidying up generally, I would dearly have loved a final cut on the grass but that's not going to happen by the looks of it.  Getting the windows steamed and the window frames cleaned - just general jobs around the house.

Sunday arrived far too quickly but a much needed lie in which was very welcome.  Making Sunday lunch with hubby, a proper roast dinner with Yorkshire savoury puddings - most enjoyable and enough 'left over' to do Monday night's tea as well.

Autumn colours, I cannot tell you how many times this week I wish I'd been a passenger rather than the driver so I could have caught some of the gorgeous colours around at the moment.  With high winds forecast I can't see the colours lasting much longer, but I've loved them nevertheless.

Physio - at long last my appointment for my foot arrived.  I have a very lovely physio who thinks he can get things 'working' again (fingers crossed), the pain in my foot is severe and it is thought to be linked with my achilles tendon I'm hoping he can make some improvements for me so I can actually start walking more regularly.

Finally finishing my Christmas junk journal - arranged by Rebecca, I have thoroughly enjoyed pulling this together if I'm honest and now it's finally on it's way I can concentrate on other things I've got to sort.  My Christmas stocking is completed for the UKScrappers Christmas stocking swap, just need to get it boxed up and sent on its way nearer the time.  I've been far more organised in these craft tasks and swaps than I have been sorting Christmas presents - ooh dear, let's hope I can make some headway on that front as well.

Right lovely people that's my lot, hope you've had a fab week and that you've got lots of grateful moments to share.  If you fancy joining in then pop a post together, pop back link up and we'll come and visit.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


My official take on November up to now is that it's going way too fast - I mean really really really fast!

So I thought I'd have a blog folder clear out ready for photographing some layouts at the weekend.

First up a summery layout using three panoramic photos from when we were staying at Wenlock Edge in the summer.  I couldn't make my mind up which one to use so decided on all three.  A really simple layout but glad I managed to use all the shots!

Next up, one I've been saving literally all year as it was Christmas related I thought you might all throw cushions at your computer screen if I posted this earlier.

Another simple one, due to the busy background paper I layered up simple cardstock to create the layout.  It documents my Mum and my sister perusing the TV guide last year on Christmas day - they looked awfully guilty if I'm honest!

Hope you are having a happy scrapping day!  Catch ya later

Friday, 7 November 2014


The last two layouts created using this months kit, that's five layouts out of the kit with only the addition of photos, a bit of white card stock and a few bits of embellishments lying around (namely washi and tissue tape).

First up a photo of The Humber Bridge from the summer, me and hubby were heading for a few days away and were travelling towards the east coast; we knew we were getting closer as this loomed in front of us!

I did some decorative border strips, added a little washi tape, cut some white squares out and added some of the gorgeous heart stickers from the range!

And last but not least the photo of Withernsea pier entrance (not that the pier still exists).  I loved the  frame paper and the great stickers such as the picnic basket.  I added lots of little heart stickers and the Memories sticker as my title!

So there you have it if you fancy getting your hands on one of the kits for the bargain price of £5 then head over to Jen's Wear Craft website to see if she's got any left!

Fancy some more inspiration then check out fellow DT Lesley's blog posts 

or our leader herself - Jen's blog 


Good morning, tis Friday and time for a round up of the last 7 days positives!

You'll be pleased to know that I've got a few photos to share this week, first up the ivy flower bees.  They were mentioned on Autumn watch last week and they wondered how far north they had travelled, we went for our walk on Saturday morning and walked past some ivy that was in full flower and literally buzzing - so loud from the bees.  Managed to get a couple of photos, really must let Autumn  watch know though! 

Next up the spooky decorations in the new visitor's centre at Brodsworth hall which we visited last Friday.

We went with the intention of enjoying the autumn colours and abandoning some art!

I used washi tape to stick the art work down for people to find!

We found a few places to leave some

We enjoyed seeing all the ladybirds that were around too - some got a bit too close though!

We left some of the art inside too, but most was around the garden!

We had a wander around the house, even though we've visited it a lot in the past.  I still love this ship in one of the rooms!

Said 14 year old managed to get a photo of the two of us!

Hubby found some interesting fungi!

Then there was the annual carving of the pumpkins

Using an ice cream scoop!

Dressing up the window to entice the trick or treaters as we rarely get any!

Mission accomplished on the pumpkin, the contents were turned into soup and the seeds were roasted in the oven!

Husband and said 14 year old's warped sense of humour!

They look quite good lit too!

This was the other pumpkin duly completed

Saturday saw us going for an autumn walk to find some geo-caches!  How about this for a path?

Great views of Wentworth Castle whilst we traversed the Trans Pennine trail!

Hubby checking out the co-ordinates of one of the geo-caches which had been a royal pain to find, they were 'out' but not by much!

A walk back along the reservoir was nice too - a real wintery sun!

We were surprised how low the water was at the reservoir, not sure we've seen it that low - ever!

Back to work before we knew it, but we did manage to squeeze in a trip to the cinema on Sunday to see the Maze Runner, I liked it but would have liked it to have finished as a full film rather than a forerunner to a sequel if you know what I mean!

Work tripped along at a merry old pace and then car decided indicators weren't necessary (again) and broke completely until about 2 minutes from the garage the following day when they started working again.  So why the grateful?  Well hubby for rescuing me, following me to garage, the garage for persevering and hopefully (fingers toes crossed, touch wood etc) making her better.  Hubby for collecting me from work, taking me back to garage etc etc etc.  Hubby generally! 

Then work for letting me have Thursday as TOIL (assumed the car would still be poorly and was chronically aware of the impact I'm having on hubbies work time) and now I have Thursday stretching out in front of me, I've done a to do list - it is quite honestly longer than the day but i'm going to try and squeeze every morsel out of it! 

Bonfire night party at my Mum's - we had a fire which was brill and very warm, some lovely food, great company and finished the night off with some fab fireworks! 

I'm also grateful to have had two Rockette's share their Rocking posts last week - Kate and Carmen - it was lovely to visit the two of you as it were.

So if you fancy joining in, pop a blog post together, pop back link up and we'll come and visit, don't forget to leave a message too! 

I hope you've had a beautiful and blessed week and that the weekend is a positive one! 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Morning all another layout from the kit that I've put together this month, this one documenting a water feature that we came across on our travels this summer.  I broke the busy frames papers up with blocks of colours from the other parts of the kit.  I like how the photo pops from the background!

So you'll be asking where to get this kit from - well head over to Jen's Wear Craft website

Fancy some more inspiration then check out fellow DT Lesley's blog posts 

or our leader herself - Jen's blog 

And did I mention the cost of the kit - £5 - that's right £5, fancy a few extras, Jen usually has some fab add on elements you can buy too - so what are you waiting for!