Thursday, 2 October 2014


Good morning, lovely people, fellow crafters, how has the week been treating you?  I hope it's been a good one up to now.

Now the lovely Jen at Wear Crafts recently provided me with a few sheets of the beautiful and gorgeous Simple Stories DIY Boutique range, I'd already had a huge amount of fun playing with the bundle of Simple Stories 'A Charmed Life' goodies that I bought earlier in the summer, so she wanted to see how I got on with these.

Oh my - they are gorgeous, modern bright fun papers - seriously.

So this one was made blending some of the mini journal like cards with some fairly plain cardstock - the backing cardstock being bright pink with a touch of orange card stock into the mix.

The photo is of me and said 14 year old on board the Trincomalee ship at Hartlepool's Historic Quay.
We had a fab day out.

For the layout I've added a touch of bright washi tape that I got as a birthday gift into the mix and hand stamped the title - Ship.  These really are fabulous papers to play with so if you fancy having a play check out the Simple Stories range on Jen's website here 


  1. Oh I love the colours, that orange really stands out!

  2. I love these grid like ones you do - so much interest!