Friday, 24 October 2014


Good morning one and all, I find myself yet again faced with Friday - how does that happen, the week has been literally a blink and miss it if I'm honest.

So what positives have I got to reflect on this week?

Well time with hubby just having a wander again last week was fab, it's so nice to break the working week up with something to signify the weekend.

Grateful for a fabulous time at the theatre last weekend, we went to see 12th Night at the Crucible Theatre.  We love Shakespeare, it goes back to my school days if I'm honest and it's stuck ever since; so any local productions we can get to is a must if pennies will stretch.  This particular production was the English Touring Threatre - click here if you fancy learning more about the fab production!

Then Saturday night after a mad dash back from the theatre was a meet with with girls from school.  It's 12 years since we last managed a get together - 12 years - where does the time fly.  The lovely thing is that it's just like we saw each other at school yesterday when we meet up - no gap in time, apart from when you start mentioning the ages of our children.  It was a fab night, we had wine, giggles, laughter, Bernie found us a guitarist to serenade us (she managed this last time we went out - it was at an Italian last time).  We literally laughed until we cried and the cheeks on my face were aching from laughter within a very short space of time - it was lovely to see them all, we're hoping it won't be as long next time.  And here is the photographic evidence!

Next up Sunday lunch - it was lovely to throw something together with hubby last weekend and then really enjoy it!

Walks of an evening when we've managed to snatch them.

Said 14 year old cracking on with revision!

Said 14 year old for just being him.

The scaffolders for finally getting the scaffold up so we can get the ridge tiles and gutters sorted - it was supposed to happen in the summer - it didn't due to neighbours, but with lots of cajoling we are finally in the motions of getting things sorted.  I'm thinking about getting the aerial done at the same time to prevent us having to go back on their property - because I don't think they'd agree to it!

Well my lovely people that is my list, brief I know this week but that's the kind of week I've had.

Hope yours has been awesome, if you fancy joining in then blog, come back link up and I'll come and visit.


  1. How lovely that you're still in touch with a group of school friends and even if it's a long gap in between meetings, you have such fun when you do! Good luck with the roof/aerial... xx

  2. Your girly get together looks such fun. I´m glad you had such a good time. the walking´s good. I´m hoping to do some now the evenings are just a bit cooler. I envy your trips to the theatre. That is something we don´t do much out here. My Spanish isn´t that good, and Chris speaks very little.
    I´ll be back with my post later. Kate x

  3. You look like you are having such a good time in that photo :)

    Good luck with the neighbour situation - that doesn't sound fun at all :(

    Carmen x x x

  4. Looks like a fabulous time was had by all at your reunion <3 XXX