Friday, 17 October 2014


Good morning lovely people, it is Friday and once again it is time to reflect and identify the positives in the last 7 days because it's

First of all  hubby - just having time with him at the moment is lovely, we have the occasional hour wandering around the local shopping centre just window shopping and chatting.  We stopped off for a coffee last week and had a sit to watch the world go by - utter bliss.

Next up Saturday night's fire - twas fab - we haven't had many outdoor fires this year, but with the mild air last weekend and it not being too breezy we decided to sit out, have a fire, enjoy coffee and a brandy and watch the stars.

Next up is my solar lamps and the little tea light holders, I love love love my solar lights outside - I can't get enough of them - my favourites! 

This also meant two ticks on the Autumn Bucket list, one for stargazing and the other for the outdoor fire! 

Speaking of the Autumn bucket list we managed another two off this on Sunday - a visit to YSP and an Autumn walk, now we've seen most of the current exhibitions before, but that's not a problem as we love this place! 

But on top of the norm we found gorgeous spider's web

and gorgeous mists!

As you can see from these amazing photos!

And that is the mist 'evaporating' as the sun came out!

We've seen one of these at the Chatsworth, Beyond Limits exhibitions before!

Gorgeous autumn colours and the blue skies once the mist disappeared!

Gorgeous statues

Little guy next to the river

The only new sculpture we found - but we liked it a lot!

And said 14 year old enjoying using his Dad's camera tripod, he was astonished to find he too owns one when we arrived home and I went hunting for it!  He was certain he didn't!

Other positives have been hubby enjoying Titanfall on Xbox live (and said 14 year old for giving him a few pointers).  

A lovely salmon pasta bake made by me and hubby on Thursday evening.  

Coming home on Wednesday to find hubby had had a good clean through whilst he was off for the day.  Clean bathroom, tidy kitchen - fab stuff! 

Hubby for taking me and collecting me from work on Wednesday too, was nice just to chat on the way to work and have a bit of company for a change! 

And that my lovely people is my week, I hope yours has been beautiful and blessed and that you've got lots of gratefuls for your list.  If you fancy joining in then blog it, head back, link up and we will come and visit.  


  1. I look forward to my Fridays to see your gorgeous photographs of the week's trip - as there is more often than not, one to enjoy and this week is a cracker! I love today's sharings - especially the one of the mist lifting - that's stunning!

  2. My, my, Virginia, you do go to some amazing places. (What´s YSP by the way?). I love all those autumn trees. Such beautiful colours. There are some interesting sculptures in your fab photos. I agree with you about the lights and the fire. I love sitting out at night and watching the stars. Your lad is getting so tall isn´t he? I love that he still enjoys being out and about with you and his dad. You are a very happy family group and I think that´s great.Have another good week. Hugs Kate x