Friday, 10 October 2014


Good morning one and all - we find ourselves at Friday again already, this month is fair tripping along if I'm honest!

Right let's see what I've got to be grateful for this week.  Well an amazing night at one of my favourite places last Saturday - Luminaire at Chatsworth was a fabulous evening, walking around illuminated paths in the gorgeous garden telling us part of the story of Oberon with my two favourite men - said 14 year old and hubby!

We got into the garden at twilight - apparently the best time of the day to see it in all it's splendour.

We found the 'map' waving on the floor first.  Children loved trying to follow the symbols as they moves across it!

They had lit up some of the normal statues

And had a fabulous digital image on the house itself that moved from mountains

Turning into

Spinning gems

Our favourite part was around the rocky area that always reminds me of the Flintstones but the subtle laser lights that twinkled all around really didn't take kindly to the camera!

The cascade was all lit up

And the house from the side was fab

The main fountain was subject to brilliant colour changes

The central pond had people lighting tea lights on giant lily pads !

The last piece was in the Courtyard, with two digital horses galloping towards one another!

We had a fabulous evening, stopping once we'd got to the courtyard for a cuppa (and a scone but we won't mention that) before heading back into the garden - minus bag and tripod for the camera, just to soak up the atmosphere!  I am so happy that the weather was kind, that it was just as good as I imagined and that I got to share it with my two favourite people - a perfect evening!

Sunday saw said 14 year old attending a team building/money raising for a hospice challenge at the local Scout Activity Centre.  This is the before picture

And the after picture!

I can officially tell you that that much paint doesn't easily come off and it was two showers that were needed to make a 'dent' on the green and orange paint he was covered in.

I'm grateful that he had fun, that he wanted to help a worthwhile cause.  I'm also grateful that family were happy to provide donations for it too.

Other things have been less photographic - but grateful moments nonetheless.

Central heating - brrrrr it's been cold this week so I'm grateful for this.

For the three of us as a family unit being able to sit and talk and chat - it's always been something I'm immensely proud of and is good for the soul.

Grateful that the scales are still going in the right direction even if I did think it was more than likely a huge fluke!

Grateful for a cuppa and a catch up with my sister and my Mum.

Grateful for the WW girls - you know who you are - they keep me sane, laughing, smiling!

Grateful for the advice given by Mum and sister when I wasn't sure which way to deal with something.

For being alive, for enjoying blue skies and autumn colours and having an amazing 14 year old and a fantastic hubby.  Life really is beautiful if you spend time look at the positives.

I hope you've had a beautiful and blessed week too, if you fancy joining in then pop a blog post together and pop back, link up and we'll come and visit.  It's always nice to see a new face as well so feel free to join in.  Or an old face there were once a good hand full of us that did this each week!


  1. great post and a great week - love the photos. Hope said 14 year old is now back to pink!!

  2. Wow, great photos, love how they have used the lighting to make it even more special. Good on your son helping a charity and had to laugh at the after photo with the paint!! Yikes! Lovely to have you pop by and visit, I am so happy to be joining in to the crafty world again, its been way too long.

  3. How I would have loved that night with all the light effects. It looks amazing. Your lad looks as though he had a good time at his charity event too. I hope he 'scrubbed-up' well!. Keep smiling. Kate x

  4. Beautiful post Virginia with gorgeous photos. Had to snigger at one of said 14 year old - I moan enough at face paint!