Friday, 26 September 2014


I swear these weeks are speeding up, it really doesn't seem two minutes since I was sat preparing last weeks post!

Without further ado let's take stock of the last 7 days and reflect on what positives I have from them.

Hairdressers last Friday, there is some sort of therapy in getting your hair cut, even if I did need a time turner to get there!

Dry autumn days - there is something about blue skies and dry days that is good for the soul.

Wandering around a local shopping centre with hubby we don't do that sort of thing often but I was four-walling it so escaping for an hours wander was quite nice.

Sunday brought a pre-planned visit to Harewood with my sister and niece as a belated birthday celebration as my sister had been working the weekend of my birthday.  Unfortunately we didn't check out their 'what's on' before we set off and arrived on a triathlon day - which meant unusually we were parked absolutely miles from the house!  However, as the day was dry and quite pleasant we didn't mind so much.  We had a wander around the courtyard and had a cuppa, visited the birds in the zoo like area (it is actually just birds but the penguins that you see first always remind me of a zoo).

Played on the stepping stones!

Enjoyed the gorgeous Chinese Room in the house (one of my sister's favourites)

Loved the modern art in one of the rooms - the lenses in this created little mini pictures in their own right).

This is Adam - a sculpture done by Epstein in alabaster and always makes you wonder - what was he thinking to make the statue like this?

And finally a natural shot of us taken by hubby - after lots of huffing and puffing by niece! Why I've no idea because she really is the prettiest young lady!

We also got to admire the flamingoes and had a walk to the water fall, where we found kids wandering around in the water collecting the pennies people had thrown for wishes - strange thing to see if I'm honest and we had a debate about whether the wishes would come true if someone stole the pennies, we thought it might make for an interesting story.

My sister was in her element in the second hand book store.  We had a wander around the gardens at the front which are gorgeous, we could see the triathlon from a distance and had seen cyclists coming up the hill all day.

We then made our way to the fish and chip stall for a portion of chips, the guy who serves on there is so chatty and happy!  We ordered chips and he gave us free sausages - crazy man!  But they were lovely not very good for my healthy eating plan but lovely nonetheless.

Cuddling up on the sofa with hubby, feet up covered in blankets - bliss.

Managing to get the grass cut one evening when it was dry and a couple of blowy days to sort the washing out.  It was as if God had read my to do list and decided to help out by providing a couple of perfect drying days.

My boss for allowing me to leave a bit earlier when said 14 year old wasn't well.

Hubby sorting out the printer issues after spending hours and hours on the issue, he is a star!  Finally got it sorted by ringing the helpline we pay for - worth it's weight in gold as don't think we would ever have fathomed it!

Chat's with old school friends on line and sorting a meet up.

Milky coffee when I got home from work on Thursday, I needed something to pep me up and it did the trick!

So this week has been good - some truly positive moments to enjoy and look back on!  How was your week?  Did you enjoy it, did you have some silver linings in the week to look back and enjoy?  If so why not pop a post together, come back link up and we'll come and visit.


  1. As always you pack so much into your week! Love the photo of you at Harewood - sounds a fabulous place! Hope the 14 year old is ok now.

  2. Another lovely day out Virginia. You do go to some lovely places. I absolutely hate having my hair touched, let alone cut. I have to keep reminding myself it is supposed to be a treat, but I only get to the hair-dressers for a simple cut, when I can't stand the haystack any longer! The 'Indian summer ' days of late September/October are the best of the year, so I hope you get some more.
    I too am thankful for a hubby who sorts out any computer related problems, because, although I use it on and off all day, how it works is a foreign language to me! I'll be back later with my post.
    Have a peaceful week. Kate x

  3. Harewood looks an amazing place - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the multi-lensed lens (you know what I mean). You always have such busy weeks, Virginia, it's lovely to read the things that have made your week so good.