Friday, 19 September 2014


Good morning one and all, it's that time of the week again when I take stock and step back and give thanks for the positives over the last 7 days.

First up a family meal out last Friday, twas lovely we went to a restaurant and ordered some lovely food and lots of buy one get one free cocktails!  This photo of my sister and my niece was one of the few that was taken on the night.  Hubby also arranged for a birthday cake to be brought out and people sang Happy Birthday - it was slightly surreal but lovely!

I also got my pressies early as it were as my sister was due to work the weekend, so I opened up a gorgeous top and a little weekend handbag from my sister and niece, from my Mum I got a beautiful new bag for every day use, with a pale inside (so I can see what's in there) and lots of pockets.  I also got a pack of 12 x 12 My Mind's Eye papers which she was surprised to find I didn't already own!  So I was thoroughly spoilt!

Saturday, (when it was my birthday I don't know what it is about birthdays but I don't look forward to being a year older and they seem to not have a set format so they don't always feel like birthdays!) However, we set out with best foot forward taking my Mum and my niece with us to have a wander around sculptures at Chatsworth's Beyond Limits.  Here we are and (hubby taking photo) wandering up by the cascades.

First sculpture turned out to be our least liked if I'm honest

 We liked this bronze sculpture

We thought this one was strange!

And this one a little odd

The hands seemed a bit low - strange

This one seemed to change shape depending on where you stood!

We've seen one like this before

I like the bees and the rock I think it was called rock swarm

This one was quite small although you can't tell from the photo

Weeping willow which is normally at Chatsworth

And this one - my niece said it looked like a graduation - I did say not to tell my sister as she recently graduated LOL!

These two kept needing a rest.

Strange curly rusty sculpture

We liked this one made from five pieces of marble.

These two historical characters

I liked this one.

This one was called hoop-lah

This one was rather strange

The last sculpture we had to queue up to have a proper look - it was done by a Chinese artist and they'd arranged it on the private lawn area of Chatsworth around the circular pond.

It had steam coming from it to make it look like mist - it was called Lost Utopia based on a Chinese fable where a man found Utopia but then tried to return with friends and could never find it again!

We really liked it however, I'll warn you now - avert your eyes if you are of a prudish disposition!


Yes this part of the sculpture (actually there were quite a lot of these type of statues amongst it).

I loved the green and the colour of the stone

And a fab view  of the house (up close we don't normally get to see it this close).

So a fab day

I got some lovely gifts from friends, this from Sarah

And this from Sam - which I love - my colours too!

Jo's card arrived (eventually after Royal Mail stopped being silly) and she sent me a fabulous hand made postcard which I love - check out Jo's post here to have a proper look.

Hubby treated me to some scrapping goodies and a gorgeous cup and saucer neither of which I've had chance to photograph.

Sunday was said 13 year old's birthday - he is now said 14 year old.

He was pleased with his haul of lego, nerf and Xbox games, we went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy which he enjoyed and then had an hour at Lock N Load with his Dad whilst I prepared tea.

And all too quickly Monday arrived and back into the working week, however getting chance to make some layouts was lovely.  The warmer weather (even though it's been somewhat cloudy) has been quite nice too.

Autumn has definitely started to make it's presence felt, I've seen so many fallen leaves recently that made me do a double take, I actually fancied picking them up, painting the leaves and trying to reglue them back to the tree if I'm honest, I'm sure I've not quite done with summer yet, however, the Beyond Limits visit at Chatsworth definitely marks the commencement of Autumn and therefore maybe I should just embrace it!

So that's my positives for the week, the weekend was full to the brim, the week was a mix of some positives but they are the smaller ones but overall it's been good.  The therapy of looking back taking stock and embracing the positives is something I've done for several years, it's a therapy I love to do, it's a therapy that I think others should do and enjoy and I think the world would be a far better and happier place if more people followed my lead, so don't dwell on the negatives but on the positives - you might be surprised at how good life feels when you do it that way.

If you fancy joining in, then pop a post together pop back and link up, at the moment it's just me and Kate that are joining in weekly, but we always love a new rockette on the block, or an old one returning - you are always welcome here.


  1. playing catch up... yous son looks like your sister! proper family resemblance there... hope all the festivities were grand... the photos are fabulous... Chatsworth is one of my favourite places too. The Simple Stories layouts are super! I have pinned them all and I will get round to sharing them on the FB page too. Happy Friday, jenxxx

  2. Happy Birthday for last week. I love - some of - the sculptures! I wish I could go to Chatsworth, it looks an amazing place.

  3. Wow! What a week - glad you both had lovely birthdays and that you were thoroughly spoiled.

    Here's to next week :)

  4. Happy Birthday for Saturday. I am glad you had a good day out with your family. I am sure siad fourteen year old was said twelve year old when I started so we have been hanging out together on Fridays for quite a while now! You do find some fascinating places to go. Yes, some of the sculptures were a bit weird and wonderful, but it must have been fun looking at them all the same. I think the 'little happy times' are just as important as the big ones, so you go on being thankful for them, and so will I. have a good week. Kate x

  5. Belated Happy Birthday to you. Thanks for sharing those sculpture pictures - love the rock swarm one xxx

  6. Happy belated birthday :) Sounds like a perfect day. Loved seeing your photos of Chatsworth... and my catch up!

    Karen x