Friday, 12 September 2014


Crikey Rocking Your World, I'm typing this Friday morning, because last night my night wasn't rocking as car issues again, so rather than try and write it whilst I was feeling sad and miserable I thought I'd wait and do it this morning. So here we go

First up some of the new recipes we've been trying, this was a red Thai curry that I made, very tasty - too much but very tasty none the less. 

Scrapping of an evening, this has come about due to a challenge by a friend and has meant some productivity of an evening - however, there was officially an epic fail last night after car issues - sorry Sarah!

Getting through jobs in my little home office on the world's smallest desk!

Autumn evenings with the sun shining and a pot of fresh coffee made by hubby - it's the little things!

Plus the sound of the bubble pump is fab, it makes such a lovely noise, it doesn't look great as it had suffered following the lawn being mowed but it sure sounded pretty!

Talking of tidying the garden, it might not look much but this was about 10 inches deep when we started it, so yay for pulling the garden back in line, plus we managed to tidy the borders too!

And here is hubby sat with said coffee following our hard work!

Mixed media crows, can't work out what else to do with them they are mighty dark up close, this is using the last summer of colour challenge papers that I never got around to using!

I fab moon! 

 And hubby capturing it on camera

Tasty teabags for work!

Showing the number of albums I have at the moment, most of these are well beyond the original 10 plastics as I extend them all with cupboard bolt joiners.

And that was the week that was, a mix of work work work, family, some sunny days - all good!  I hope you have had a good week too, if you fancy joining in write a post, pop back, link up and we'll come and visit.


  1. That curry looked lovely! And your garden looks so nice! I have a teeny tiny garden, it's just grass at the moment (literally just grass) but i'd really like to get some nice plants in there!!

  2. I'm sorry to hear you have car troubles Virginia. We can't manage without our cars but they are a right nuisance at times.
    I love the sound of a water feature in the garden. We keep saying we will get one, but water is at a premium here, and it is kind of hard to justify it, but maybe, one day..
    It is good you had some nice weather, and the time to do some outside work together.
    I hope the car can be sorted without too much expense, and you have a good week. Kate x

  3. Hope the car issues have resolved, hubby had some of those this week too, £300 later :(
    That desk is way too big Virginia, think you need to downsize ;) I would have no chance of coin anything on that!
    Have a great week :)