Friday, 5 September 2014


Good morning one and all I woke this morning knowing I'd forgotten something, I couldn't work out what then realised that I hadn't prepared my Rocking Your World post, what is the world coming to!

Crikey this week has disappeared in the blink of an eye - crazy stuff.  OK let's think

Grateful for an easy journey home last Friday, we were out of the holiday cottage and on our way for 9.30am and didn't come across any major traffic on our way back home (a few numpties however) we were grateful to land back home just before midday!

Grateful for the weather staying dry to enable me to sort out the washing (of which there was more than enough if I'm honest).  Out on the line, a quick tumble and away it went.

I'm also grateful for a fabulous evening on Saturday night when my sister and niece came to stay.  It was so lovely to catch up, my sister has started a job recently which involves some incredibly long shifts so it seemed to be an age since we last had a catch up.  The down side was a late night when we had a very early morning planned!

Sunday brought our annual visit to Chatsworth's Country Fayre, we've been to this for the last few years and for me it marks the end of the summer holidays as well as the shift into autumn.  We were blessed with a fabulous day's weather.

We watched the mounted games for an hour in the morning, these people are crazy racing up and down jumping on and off the horses!

We love to support the Yorkshire team when we are there (despite being in Derbyshire LOL).

We got to see the Jump for Heroes too!

Me and little sis being spied at the liquer stall by hubby, we couldn't work out whether morello cherry or apricot was the best!

We also got to see a hurricane, spitfire fly past too!

And we all enjoyed our day - although it looks as though my sister enjoyed it most!

More crazy parachuting near the end of the day

As the stalls were closing up we made our way back to the car to have our very late picnic (we'd managed to survive on the umpteen bacon butties that we'd taken to eat on our arrival - and yes they were still warm, wrapped in foil. wrapped in tea towels, inside an insulating bag!

As we finished the day with a picnic we got to see the hot air balloons taking off!

A really good day - completely shattered mind at the end of it.  We travelled home and landed back about 8pm (having been up since about 6.30am).  Same time next year Chatsworth?

Monday arrived and I'd taken the sensible precaution of booking a couple of days off.  So Monday's grateful was the school uniform shop.  Now yes I can hear you groaning but it worked like a dream.  Into town hubby dropped us near the shop, straight in 2 jumpers purchased in right size and right colours - sorted!  Then down to Meadowhall straight into Clarks, second in the queue, 3 pairs to choose from and he actually only liked one of the pairs, tried on fitted - sorted.  Trainers looked as though they were going to be a bigger pain as Clarks didn't have his size.  But after one false start we headed to Sports Direct, one pair of 8.5 Nike trainers - first ones I laid my hands on - sorted!

A visit to see my Mum on Monday was lovely too, caught up with her as hadn't managed it over the weekend.

Tuesday was a day just for me and said 13 year old and ended up with two trips to the Doctors.  The first for me (I went with a list) and the second for said 13 year old.  Saw the same Doctor both times and got things sorted - so my grateful is for getting an appointment and for a Doctor who actually listens - yay!

Wednesday's grateful was a speedy day at work (work isn't always speedy on your first day back in but mine was).  Said 13 year old had a good day too which was a positive and was quite happy to tell us all about his day when he got home.

Thursday was another busy day at work got home relatively early so made a new recipe out of the Slimming World magazine which was stuffed peppers - really tasty, made it with a chilli and salad and some sweet potato fries - I was hungry LOL!

Wow that was a busy week, I honestly thought this morning that the week would be summarised in a few bullet points as I thought it was a dig deep week - nope not dig deep at all - pretty blinking good even if I do say so myself.

Fancy joining in?  Pop a post together, come back link up and we'll come and visit!

I hope you've had a truly blessed week and that you too have an arm full of positives from the last 7 days!


  1. looks like your final fling at Chatsworth was a fabulous round off to your holiday, and a great week after, considering! xx

  2. What a lovely.week and lovely colourful photos.thanks for making my day colourful. Lol at hubby catching you at the liquor stall sniffing (?) the produce? xxxxx

  3. What a week indeed - glad you and him are OK.
    Great photos, bad memory ;) (just like me) - I will start joining in again soon!