Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Now stop throwing cushions at the screen, I know that's not what you want to hear when we are still in September, but having learnt from the last few years, the key to a decent journal at Christmas is to plan ahead, my first journal the first year was lovely, I spent weeks and weeks on it, but the subsequent years have been more and more rushed, so I decided this year it had to change.  First of all I had to identify why the first one worked so well and why the others hadn't!

It came down to planning, so rather than prepare some of the elements in advance this year (as I did the first year, I've gone the whole hog and created the mini book ready in advance).  I mentioned this on UK Scrappers recently and was asked to share, so here is what I've created up to now.

This is how the book currently looks.  I've used a First Edition paper pack bought by hubby last Christmas to create the entire book (I loved the papers)

The inside cover you can see on the left hand page that it looks like it's split half and half, this is in fact a giant pocket to house Christmas cards and letters that I save - now I don't save all my letters and cards, but the ones with the personal heartfelt message in them, the homemade ones etc, they get saved and I always struggle to house them - not this year because I've done the same giant pocket in the back of the book!

The right hand 'page' is how the book is going to work throughout, there is a flap that folds up!  And a piece that pulls out (because it's a pocket).

The pull out then folds out too!   My intention is to use every surface in the book as it were for documenting my Christmas.

You can just about make out the pocket in the front cover (which is repeated in the back cover).  There is plenty of room for 'growth' in the book too!

Then I've die cut circles that I've printed with the days of the month and die cut some scalloped circles to back them onto with foam mount pads.

I'm sure I'll do more preparation in the coming months before it all commences, but for now the journal is ready - yay!


  1. Looks lovely but seriously...?!

  2. A super little mini album for journal your Christmas Virginia & just right for filling it with Christmas memories of 2014

  3. WOW!
    Talk about organised Virginia - a really lovely journal.
    Toni xx

  4. WOW!!! I am so impressed(sorry for not commenting more often, am being harassed by a large deaf dalmatian with autistic tendencies and separation issues). Gorgeous colour and paper choices for this journal, it is going to be a real treasure :D XXX

  5. Fab album - well done on getting so prepared in advance, I will as always be LOL!!