Friday, 8 August 2014


Good morning, tis Friday, means only one thing in this house - let's count those happies!

So first up are these two nutcases - my Mum and my sister - who descended on the house on Saturday for some crafting fun, expecting to make cards I wasn't enthused (I'm no card maker), but my Mum asked to do a layout and before we knew it we were scraplifting a layout and having such fun - first layouts my sister has ever done and she liked them!

Next up lunch at work these days consists of fruit lots and lots and lots of fruit - and it's totally nom!

Talking of fruit - the fruit bowl became fruits bowls followed by fruit side this week!  I'm always amazed at all the colours and flavours!

Then the news I've joined slimming world, after years of being part of another weight loss group I decided I needed a change of direction, with so many friends doing so well on this plan I thought why not.  It has up to now been fantastic and we are eating the best meals.  This one was chicken and a Caribbean fruity slaw - absolutely divine

Up close you can see the pineapple, mango and red peppers in the dish - it was so fresh and tasty!

A day trip with my sister at the weekend, we'd promised to take her to a Japanese Garden for her birthday, we finally got to go at the weekend, there was something ultimately restful about this place.  We wandered around enjoying the atmosphere and the beautiful garden and then we enjoyed a cup of fruit tea and soaked up the sunshine!

Apparently this place is open during the evenings during August and September

So many places to stop and rest.

So many bridges to cross

Good for the soul

Enjoying the space

As part of this visit we got to visit the Crystal Garden, literally a room full of crystals - the energy was quite honestly amazing.

Other highlights include my first weeks weigh in at slimming world a 9lb weight loss - I was utterly gobsmacked, such a long way to go but it's a good start a really good start!

A day off on Thursday, getting lots of jobs done around the house, spending time with said 13 year old.

Scrapbooking, the little flurry of activity on Saturday was the catalyst needed to get my mojo running again.

The WW girls - they know who they are a constant support!

Having a catch up with my mum on Thursday!

Hubby - always!

Hope you've had a great week, if you fancy joining in pop a blog post together, head back link up and we will come and visit!


  1. Oh I love that you come over to the other side!!! SW is soooooo much easier than WW - go you, that's an amazing 1st week :)

  2. That Japanese garden looks so beautiful.
    The fruit is as good as my bowl on market day. I have a mixed cup of it like that most days too but i blend mine first! I hope you continue to well with Slimming World after such a brilliant start. I have friends back in UK who have both lost a lot over the past two years with it. It would be no good me trying to stick to that sort of regime, but i am using an app that tells me how much of each food type I have eaten in a day, and how many calories, and it has made me rethink my eating habits a lot. Your fruity slaw looks yummy. I must say I thought my friends' recipes looked rather 'samey', but this is great.I hope this wek goes well for you too. Kate xx

  3. Those. Photos gorgeous ♡♡♡ very lovely.great ♡♡

  4. That is brilliant! Go SW!!! It is easy peasy lemon squeezy! You have seen my pics... If I can as a registered chocoholic with cake dependency, anyone can! Stick with it, take the downs with the ups and the tough bits in your stride. I totally 'get' it and made it work for me and have never had a gain in seven months! One or two maintains, but my graph looks like a perfect thing! Get the app on your phone so you can keep checking it and reading up. When I have wavery moments, I get my graph up and look at that downward trend and think 'that is my tummy deflating, that is!' And I can buy clothes from Very and New Look now... I am far too old for them and look ridiculous, but I don't care! It is just for the garden! (When I put the Amy Childs Bodycon Dress on to go out in one night, I erm took it straight back off again as DS1 said 'mam, you are thin now, but you ain't no Amy Childs'... But it is nice to have it in my wardrobe and know that I could if I wanted to!) Your photos are great and I though your mam was you at first (tell her to keep out of those big scrapping stores ;) ! Have a lovely week petal, jx

  5. I just sat and laughed out loud at Jen's comment - oh but she is so right! I love my graph too and my weekly photos and you already know I am stealing my teenage daughters clothes :P

    That zen garden looks beautiful!

  6. SO MUCH FRUIT!!!!!!! yum :) :) :)