Friday, 22 August 2014


Good morning one and all and here we find ourselves at Friday again, I swear these weeks are speeding up!

So this week I find myself being grateful for honest tradesmen - we knew we had a problem with the boiler, I managed to find and source a local repairman using a local forum, not only did he come out and have a look Friday but he returned on Saturday to do the work, it didn't take as long as expected.  He thanked us for moving furniture out of his way to make his life easier and that as we say is that!  So despite the bill (although even that was far less than we'd been quoted by other 'big' firms and that was with an additional job added in) we are now (all being well) prepared ready for the cooler mornings and evenings - yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next up hubby for putting up with my whimsical ideas - oh the boilers mans has gone - let's paint the hall stairs and landing (at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon), his answer - OK then!  So that's what we did, emulsioned Saturday, glossed Sunday morning, job done now all it needs is carpet and bits and bobs - but we've done the hardwork involved - yay!!!!!

A meeting on Monday being shorter and less difficult than expected and closes another chapter which I'm quite happy to close - yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next up the highlight of the week, the all male theatre group - Lord Chamberlain's Men, entertaining us with Romeo and Juliet at Chatsworth house a fabulous evening, sat in hiking chairs, drinking hot coffee, wrapped in blankets - utter bliss!  If you get chance to see them then do, we saw them last year at Bamburgh Castle and this year at Chatsworth and enjoyed both evenings - fabulous!

Productive meetings at work - always good.  Completing work jobs - again always good.

Helping others - another positive for the week.

Our 13 year old - an absolute treasure and we've had lots of hugs this week when he knows I've been having a tough time which has made me smile.  Here he is ready to watch the play, woolly hat on, feet up, great company!

Now as this week draws to a close I'm aware of friends and family in my life facing significant challenges, my thoughts and prayers are with them over the coming days, weeks and months!

If you fancy joining in, then blog it, pop back, link it and we've come and visit it!


  1. Awe, I love that bit about your son! What a cutie he is! AND I can't believe that you and your husband decided to paint the house at 4 on a Sat afternoon! That's brilliant. He's a keeper ;) xoxo

  2. Fast got a good one there.big you and yours ♥♡♥

  3. With you sending positive thoughts x The play looks brilliant... can't beat a bit of open air bard. Take care of yourself and I hope things are ok :) jxx

  4. Lovely round up of positives :) Great expression on your sons face!

    Karen x

  5. Hi Virginia. I'm glad you got the boiler sorted, and well done for painting the most difficult area of the house as well! I love open air drama, and this one sounds fun. We went to a couple of great music events in Weston Park near Shrewsbury and sat all wrapped up like you. I hope work goes well for you this week. Kate xx

  6. Good to get the boiler done before it turns properly cold! The play looks amazing, and always good to have a cuddly teen round about :D