Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Morning all, well this is the fifth and final layout that I've got to share from the amazingly beautiful 12 Pledges Kit from Wear Crafts this month.  At the cost of £6.90 I got my hands on the kit at £5.00 and added two extra glittery papers at a cost of 95p each!  So for under £7 I got myself 5 layouts - now I personally think that's a bargain!

This was actually my favourite layout that I created because I had so much fun doing it, I started out by using the other chevron cut element at the bottom of the page and then to make it pop, I added some handstitching around the elements.

Next up was to add the photo on the layout and then added some lettering for a title and a bit of hand journalling.  Then I stamped some hearts, 'solid' black ones and 'outline' ones before adding a few blue punched hearts.  Then I got some glossy accents and 'filled' the empty hearts with gloss accents and then sat and added the confetti elements inside the outline, I had loads of fun doing this and think it looks effective.  The photo documents me and hubby enjoying the new Richard III experience in York as part of the York walls walk that we did.

A close look at some of the elements used.

And here is one of those hearts filled in!

So want to see what Wear Crafts has to offer head here

Or maybe you just want to look at the 12 Pledges Kit

Fancy a look at another take on these beautiful Teresa Collins papers?

Monday, 28 July 2014


Morning all well my next layouts from the gorgeous 12 Pledges kit from Wear Crafts for July, at a cost of £5 for the kit and 95p for each of the two sheets of glittery paper I was able to create 5 layouts, I've shared two already so for your next installment.

The glittery papers really are beautiful and with a simple frame border, a few embellishments and a matted photo this page was soon complete.  Documenting a beautiful gift from an amazing lady - you know who you are!

Then a change in tempo on the next, a lot more masculine, I gutted the centre of the paper to use elsewhere, used half the doily element that came with the kit and decided to highlight some of the words to create the title of the layout.  How, you may ask?  By handstitching around some letters with the ample (more than ample) stock of embroidery thread from my cross stitch days.  This layout documents a giant draughts game played by hubby and said 13 year old when we visited the Wold's Lavender place earlier in the year!

And just to show you how effective this can be - an up close shot of the title!

So want to get your hand on this kit then head over to Jen's wonderful online shop!

Specifically interested in the kits 

Want more inspiration then check out 

Want to see more, well I'll be sharing the last layout on Wednesday morning so pop back then!

Saturday, 26 July 2014


I loved loved loved the kit for July, so modern and beautiful colours with a zing of glitter little did I know that it would take me out of my comfort zone, but in a good way.  I still can't believe the value for money on these kits, for £5 you get a great selection of papers and a selection of embellishments and away you go!

So here is the kit - take a look - yes I did say £5, now you might say well I can only get a layout out of that - come on people you are joking right?  Add in two extra sheets of the gorgeous glitter papers (because they are gorgeous) at a cost of 95p per sheet and for under £7 I created, not one, not two, not three or even four, but five I repeat 5 layouts - with enough remnants to probably rustle up a couple of cards!

So without further ado layouts one and two on the list, first up me and said 13 year old at the bluebell woods earlier in the year, the papers are so vibrant and positive and the glitter really adds another dimension to the layouts!  I enjoyed cutting with the zig-zags to add a shaped element at the bottom of the page!

Then a simpler layout (the versatility of a double sided paper!).  In the kit you get the confetti elements which I scattered across the page and then adhered with glossy accents. I distressed the paper elements on the page and then went for a long thin photo to contrast.  The photo is the afternoon me and said 13 year old played with sewing machine and needle felter to create cushions!  Such fun!

Close up to show the confetti and the distressed papers.  Want to see more then you can check out Lesley's post yesterday and she'll be posting again tomorrow, this is her blog link check out my Monday post for more layouts!  If you want a different take on the layouts, then Jen always does a stunning job too

Now what are you waiting for check that kit out - you know you want to! Wear Crafts - 12 Pledges Kit

Friday, 25 July 2014


So sorry, you get used to the fact that most places have wifi and then discover when they don't how much it really throws you.  So we have landed back today after a brilliant week away, feeling exhausted if I'm honest but best crack on - Rocking my world this Friday

So seeing this guy who decided to have an evening trip to this post, we spotted him early in the week and were mesmerised it's only now that we are home that we can have a proper look at him if I'm honest.  No idea what he is but if you do know let me know.

Catching up with friends at RAF Cosford, a fab day out and other than parking no cost at all, me and Liz got to chat, the lads got to catch up and hubby got to wander around taking photos of the planes.

We were giddy to see these on the runway but apparently they were learning to taxi up and down the run way!

One of the main buildings at Cosford, so quirky in design to cater for the 'hanging' planes.

Spotting a hot air balloon one evening

Watching these two play croquet, so funny, I demanded it should be played with flamingoes and hedgehogs but they just looked at me as though the heat had finally got to me.

Then the education room at Boscobel House, it had weapons which meant these two were happy.  I often find these rooms quite boring and wonder how the kids get on with them, but this one was great, they had some 'mysterious' items on a table which you had to guess what they were and an accompanying booklet explaining them!

A walk along Wenlock Edge trying to find a geo cache - a big big big thank you to Sarah for getting us some co-ords and then a big apology for failing miserably at it, I thought it would be a cool woodland walk, however where we were was open countryside and scorching sun!

These two had me giggling all week, winding each other up!

Finding something to do on a wet Saturday afternoon (thank you National Trust!).

Said 13 year old spying this through the fence one morning.

Enjoying the canal trip when we visited the Black Country Museum

And a reminiscent visit to an old haunt - The Crooked House at Himley!

Said 13 year old for getting a reasonable shot of us two.

A lovely day in Bridgnorth, it's ever so pretty and has a cliff railway to enjoy!

Bees at Wenlock Priory enjoying the lavender, thankfully they weren't the swarm we saw fly overhead when we were at RAF Cosford - scary stuff!

And I love this shot - so a big grateful for hubby and digital cameras getting this shot of the bee flying away.

Pxlar express app on my phone for getting the odd fun shot - such as this one as we set off and yes that is a fleecy blanket wrapped around him!  M&M's at the ready and a film playing on the back of hubby's headrest!

The owners of the barn leaving us a bottle of Buck's Fizz in the fridge

Just stopping, it's been so lovely to literally stop, enjoy the surroundings in particular the view, read and just chill out!

I have photos of this same expression when he was about four watching Punch and Judy - it never ceases to amaze me how much he enjoys live entertainment, in this case some 1940's actors at Black Country Museum acting out the aftermath of an air raid - albeit very Dad's Army style!

Said 13 year old discovering his love of scraps - and being most impressed they came free with the chips!

 Having a sit whilst these two studied the military vehicles

And getting a reasonable shot of Bridgnorth!

Pub - enough said!

so there you have it a crazy mad busy exhausting week which I've thoroughly enjoyed just need another week to recover now!

If you fancy joining in, pop a post together, come back link up and we will come and visit - hope your week has been rocking!

Mr Linky

Friday, 18 July 2014

Rocking Your World Friday

Good morning well Friday again and isn't it warm shouldn't grumble but we will.

Time to sit back and count those blessings, it will be short and sweet this week just to make a change because it's

  1. Being confirmed in post after my probationary period and being told the post is being extended to March next year - yay!
  2. Said 13 year old getting 94 achievement awards this year in total - all I can say is wow, beating his first year total of 88 achievement awards! (And not a single behaviour mark!)
  3. Car eventually going through her MOT - I mean really did she really need all that work LOL!  But she's an old car and keeps me getting from A to B so I shouldn't grumble! 
  4. Hubby for taking me to work on Monday when aforementioned car decided to have a weekend break at the garage! 
  5. Said 14 year old being all happy when we picked him up last Friday from his PGL trip, he had three tasks when he was away, one to text that he got there safe, two to text that they had set off back and the third and apparently the most difficult was to take some photos - 3 - 3 is what he took of the tent - really?  How on earth am I supposed to include that in my scrapbooking!!!!
  6. The lego ghostbuster car - I know I shouldn't but said 13 year old treated himself with some of his saved pocket money to pick this up and it really is fabulous! 

7.       Coming home to a clean house, it was worth all the trouble of running around to clean it before we went! 
8.      Catching up with my little sis and Mum at the weekend - fab stuff! 

And that my lovely people will have to do for this week, I thought however, I'd also share a couple of photos from last week which I didn't touch on in the form of wildlife such as the seal at Flamborough Head - never seen these in the wild! 

Then there was the ring tailed Mongoose - how cute is he!  And before you ask no he wasn't in the wild but at a zoo element at Sewerby Hall

However, the hares were wild, hubby had great fun chasing them down the drive only to find that when we sat down they were quite happy to come quite close

And finally my favourite little guy even though he was a swine to photograph - the barn owl!

So if you fancy joining in pop a post together, head back, link up and we will come and visit. 

Until next week

Thursday, 17 July 2014

LAYOUTS???? MMMMMMMMM not much going on

Morning all, well the blog folder is looking decidedly empty - I mean seriously empty at the moment and the likelihood of it being refilled any time soon is pretty much non-existent if I'm honest, I haven't even managed my counterfeit kit this month sob - but aiming on resolving that in August when time may be kinder to me.  

I'm still loving the summer of colour challenge but unlikely to get the layouts finished before the closing date on week six so they will have to wait.  Hey ho - can't do everything all the time as it were.  I am loving playing with kits from Wear Crafts though, the 12 pledges kits really are a joy to work with and each and every one has been so very different, means the scrapbook album has a lovely feel to it with so many different layouts appearing in them.  

So I thought I'd share a layout done last year, said 13 year old has collected turtles since our first foreign break when he was about when we bought him Shelley (get it?), anyway since then he's continued to collect them when he's seen them including a giant one we got when we visited the Deep in Hull.  

There were no turtles to be found when we visited Wales last year but there was a dragon, so he headed home with us!  This is how they looked on the last day we were on holiday and I just loved the way that he'd put them out - it deserved a photo and a layout all of it's own! 

Hope you are enjoying the weather and the scrapping time!  Have a great day! 

Sunday, 13 July 2014


Crikey I didn't think I'd get this one finished if I'm honest as I was away for a few days last week, but it just shows you when you put your mind to it you can achieve anything (plus I hate only doing half a challenge, so I had to get it done).  So without further ado this is this weeks rendition

Isn't it funny how you see a colour scheme and wonder if it will work and low and behold find that it does!  Gelli plate fun as always, add to it some red and blue cardstock, photos, memories and a few embellishments and I was set.

Said hubby and said 13 year old talking about how 'easy' this was (then proceeding to take 20 minutes to achieve it).

Then sieving through the 'archaeology' at the dig!

Walking above the Viking Street at Yorvik museum

Having a chat with the barber surgeon at Barley Hall

And enjoying the gorgeous hall itself

And finally the 'Viking' creating coins in Yorvik, together with his Viking Health and Safety perspex piece in front of him! 

Then A4 sheets of gelli printing I pulled the prints first and then wondered what to paint - last week was owls - this week I've gone for fish!

And here they all are!

I wonder what colours we will get for the final week - sob!