Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Good morning, so have you done it yet?  Ordered the May kit from Jen at Wear Crafts - if not why not - have you not seen how gorgeous these papers are.  Here is the link to the 12 Pledges page over on Wear Crafts, the initial kits are £5 and Jen always does some fabulous add on kits for those that need more.

Now I love chevrons but they aren't the easiest of things to create by hand.  Or so I thought until I saw a fab instruction on Pinterest recently where they took some squares of card cut diagonally and then offset them on a layout to create a chevron.  Yes you can see the join, but with the gorgeous rikrak ribbon included in the kit - the join was no more.

The layout shows our first visit to the newly opened Victorian conservatory at Wentworth Castle - utterly gorgeous!

Next up I used up lots of the little cards that form part of one of the sheets or the kit, mounting elements on little scraps of cardstock I had lying around, I used both the punched elements and the remaining elements from the punches.  I got the hearts to 'pop' by cutting two hearts, folding in half and then stick one half of the folded heart on the left and then with the other folded heart sticking down one half of that on the right.  I even used the little polaroid journal card as my journal block.  Add a bit of embossed white cardstock and some ink and it's a really simple and effective layout.

Another layout documenting our recent walk using the Five Weirs Walk.

Here is one of the hearts and that journal block up close.

Finally I thought I was done, what little I had left of the kit was on my desk and I really didn't think there was any more that I could create with it, I had some negative strips from punched hearts, and a couple of hearts left over, some organza ribbon and a couple of journal blocks.  Surely I couldn't create any more - wrong, here is the final layout using up the final elements of the layout.  So before you throw away those negatives next time - take an extra look and see what you can do with them!

Documenting the positivity of living in Yorkshire!

Don't forget to head over and see Jen if you want to get your hands on this kit, they really do fly off the shelves - so don't leave it too long!


  1. You are getting so much out of your kit - fabulous Virginia :)

  2. What a wonderful set of layouts!

  3. Lovely scrapping, Virginia.
    Sue x

  4. Lovely LO's, & the view looks stunning in Yorkshire , & a place i've yet to visit.

  5. Wow Virginia, you amaze me at just how much you manage to get out of your kits - fabulous LOs.

    Toni xx