Sunday, 22 June 2014


Well I did the papers at the beginning of the week, but then couldn't pull together what I wanted to do, most frustrating.  Anyway seen as I was up at 5.30am this Sunday morning I decided to get them finished before week 3 goes live.

So first up scrapbook pages.  All of these have use a gelli print, I did them using the biggest gelli plate I have which despite it's advertisement stating it was 15" x 12" doesn't actually measure 12" along that side so I can't get a full 12 x 12 out in one go - which frustrates me because if I'd have known I've have continued with my smaller gelli plate and never gone for the bigger one, but I digress.

The colour combination felt a bit of a challenge, but that's the idea isn't it.  I had to make up both the colours as I owned nothing near.  So at times it was verging on two orange (rather than coral) and at others too red.  But battling on I pulled some pretty good monoprints.

This layout is said 13 year old sat on a Celtic carved throne at Bamburgh Castle which had been created during a Time Team dig, hence the title.

Next up is a photo of a dress design for A Midsummer Night's Dream that were on show at the RSC when we visited last year.  The dress had soft leather gloves hand sewn onto the bodice and was amazing!

Then said 13 year old in front of an autumnal display of cakes, I can't help it, the colour combination of his hoodie and those autumnal colours were begging to be photographed.  Despite me assuring him I had the 'perfect' paper at home, it's taken almost 12 months to scrap and I didn't use 'that' paper after all!

The glass window at Coventry Cathedral, you can see the old ruined shell of the previous Coventry Cathedral that was bombed during World War II.

Then there is the trip to Cadbury's World and wandering around the Amazon jungle explaining the story of chocolate.

And finally the layout duly named 'Two and a Half Hugs', when we were trying to appreciate the perspective of the tree, said 13 year old checked it out and worked out it's circumference was about two and a half hugs, who were we to argue!

Then the mail art/art that I've created with the A4 cardstock that I printed, I cut them in half to create A5 backgrounds and then set to work.  Once again I'll be bundling some of these up to send to Sarah for her Free Art Friday in Swindon, the rest will be used for mail art over the next year (in line with last year's summer of colour challenge which provided mail art for the last 12 months!)

All set now for week number 3 - I can't wait!


  1. What fun creating those pages for generations that come after You :) Turned out lovely,and I think it's even more fun creating the color combos. Enjoyed My visit-Denise

  2. These pages are wonderful

  3. As usual you have been busy busy busy!!! Love the 2 and a half hugs page especially :) and absolutely yes please to the mail art for FAF!

  4. What super pages Virginia. I think my favourite is the one of Said 13yr old with the Autumn display - I love the colours and shapes you have used. Great collection of Mail Art too.

    Toni xx

  5. Fab. Virginia. I managed week one but being struck with the Kirby has meant mmissing out on week 2

  6. WOW! All of your pages are wonderful! I especially love the photo of that dress you made with the leather gloves sewn onto the bodice. You used this week's colors beautifully!

  7. You have provided us with many beautiful and unique examples of the SOC colors this week. You make excellent scrapbook pages. Well done.

  8. Fabulous Gelli prints, Virginia! You must be psychic taking the photo of said 13 year old in front of those cakes - a perfect photo for this week's colour combo! I LOVE the 2 and a half hugs comment, bless him.


  9. Great Gelli plate prints. I don't think I've seen anyone else use them as whole backgrounds for LOs.

  10. Again Virginia I read your post and shake my head at just how much you accomplish. All of it gorgeous too. You need to write a book on time management - I'd be first in line to buy it x

  11. Oh all very nice! You do so much work!!

  12. I missed your week 2 for Summer of Color and it's already week 3. I was hoping to catch both of yours in one visit. I can barely do one image for SOC and you came up with a half dozen ---and all very nice too. (Thanks for stopping to view my SOC for week 3)

  13. Wow..... you have been so busy! Love what you have been doing:)

    Karen x