Friday, 27 June 2014


Morning all - Friday again, I swear these weeks are really speeding up!  So it's Rocking Your World Friday once again, time to take stock and look back, reflect and find the happy positive moments that have made a difference to the last seven days.

Lining paper - I know it's a strange grateful, but I found a roll out from under the stairs and put a huge piece on a door in the kitchen and started adding things to it, a mantra for the week, rocking moments as they happened, jobs to sort, said 13 year old's jobs to do as well.  Lots of things during the week, it's now looking fairly full and has been really worthwhile doing, I know we could buy a chalk board but that would create dust.  Or a white board, but I'm not sure of how much it would be used, so for now my extra large piece of lining paper is working just fine.

Kristin for hosting the Summer of Colour challenge again, I love love love this challenge and I'm loving this weeks colours, lavender, grey and a splash of plum - fabulous stuff.  I'm still creating at the moment with them and having the most fun!

Said 13 year old for cracking on with his homework, there has been a definitive shift recently where he's just - well growing up, he gets on with the homework, is happy to help out when I ask, doesn't whinge moan or complain and is a pleasure to be around - can't ask for finer than that now can you!

Fresh air - Tuesday morning, I opened the window as I was putting my make up on and the fresh crisp air smelt lovely - made be glad to be alive enjoying another day on this beautiful planet!

Herbal tea bags, I've not always been a fan but recently at work I've been drinking blueberry and apple ones and they are yum.

Speaking of which, work is definitely another grateful, being appreciated, I hadn't realised how much as humans we value it.  Having time to work on things, doing a good job and then being thanked for it - simply lovely!

Hubby - as well as all the usual stuff, being happy to help my sister sort out a leaking bath and hanging an electric fire on the wall in her living room, has made her life a bit easier and reminds me of what a star he is!

The Wednesday Whine girls for being themselves, chatting and supporting as we go!

Finally a group of parents at school getting to grips with a new group I've created to get us talking more and getting to know each other.  It stemmed from a chat with other parents in the group who were at  a car boot sale that we organised last week there was a fairly poor turnout but it was lovely to get to know them better!

Now I'm also going to put out a plea, my son is involved in a group that is going on an expedition to Lesotho in Africa at the end of next year.  We are trying our very best to raise as much money as possible so we can help a community in Lesotho and in particular the school there.  It is hoped that we will raise enough money to improve the toilets, re-roof the school and redecorate it.  We have a big fundraising task ahead of us.  As part of this I've volunteered to make some cards to sell in parishes and at fetes etc and knowing how many of you lovely people make cards (and that yours will no doubt be a lot better than mine) I thought I'd put the plea out.  If you (or your friends family etc) have an over abundance of hand made cards that you would like to donate to me so we can raise funds to help this community then let me know.

Right you'll have noticed the lack of photos - slapped wrists I've not been as good this week, however, I did take one photo of a late night craft session.  Said hubby came home the other day announcing the retirement of a colleague that was occurring the following day, he's been mentioning it off and on for a while.  I asked him what they'd got as a retirement gift - reply was that nobody had organised anything.  I remember leaving my job earlier in the year through redundancy after 9 years and not even getting a leaving card.  So I decided to do something about it.  This is what I made, I was really pleased that I managed to do it in the 3.5 hours that I had that evening.  Apparently Tony was most impressed, although hubby telling me a work colleague had had a 'go' at him for not organising anything (bearing in mind he's been with the section for the least amount of time) somewhat riled me but we won't go there!


I'll leave you with a layout documenting a visit to Portmeirion last year!

And of course Mr Linky, if you fancy joining in, pop a blog post together, pop back and link up and we will come and visit.  The therapy of reflecting and finding the grateful moments is something I can highly recommend.

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  1. Hi Virginia, I am so glad work is going well for you. You do have a very supportive family and I can tell how much they keep you positive, whatever the week throws at you. Well done for the retirement gifts. You did a grand job. I am with you on the herbal tea-bags. I'm enjoying mint tea with fennel right now, but lemon and ginger is my real favourite. Have another happy week. Kate x