Friday, 6 June 2014


Morning all - I know I'm late, but I'm here now so not to worry and at the moment there is only really Kate playing along - so I'm hoping she'll forgive me !

It's time for

Well on the grounds that I never did get around to updating the grateful moments from our week away I'll reflect on them now.

Enjoying the new Richard III and Henry VII exhibitions in York last week, they've converted some of the wall towers into these exhibitions so I'm grateful for these fab additions and also leading us on the extensive wall walk of York which we've never done!

Having fun with the Stealth plane at the Yorkshire Air Museum, apparently most people just walk past it without appreciating the humour!

Said 13 year old being impressed with these slot machines at Eden Camp - he had never seen them before and was most intrigued that and the fact they only took 2 pence pieces kept him busy for a while!

These two - despite the rather miserable weather, it didn't detract from days out, here we are at the Wolds Lavender place playing giant draughts as you do!  Sometimes it's the simple things in life that make you smile though!

The gorgeous barn we stayed in - it really was lovely, up in the gallery area on the right hand side you'll see where said 13 year old slept for the week.  He preferred this space to the room with the two single beds in, this area was darker, however, it did mean we had to tiptoe somewhat when we wanted an early morning cuppa!

Jorvik Viking Museum in York, we've been once before and been put off by the long queues outside, but decided to give it a whirl again this time.  It really was brilliant, seeing the viking street beneath our feet was awesome, although I was a little wary of the glass floor!

Probably a prime grateful were the two Shetland ponies in the field next to the barn, named Jack and Jill they quickly became firm favourites during the week and seemed genuinely pleased to see us particularly if we had a carrot or two for them!

Finally getting to Sledmere House, I've wanted to visit for an age, having come across the Sledmere monument one day when we were detoured on our way to Scarborough, finally got to go.  It is lovely and still lived in, however the down side is that you can't take photos!  The one room I really really wanted to see was the Turkish Room - I soooooooooooo wish I had photos of it - it really was amazing!

However, there were no such restrictions in the chapel, so we did manage a few shots in there, including this amazing ceiling!

Said 13 year old for being such a positive happy individual - even more so when he has chips at his disposal!

Speed card making - this is something I threw together for my little sister's birthday yesterday, I knew what I wanted to do just didn't know if I'd manage it in the time I had - apparently I could!

And finally to amazing friends, on returning from hols I had a mountain of post - mainly belonging to bill - but in amongst it was this fabulous card from Gail - thank you hun it's fabulous!

Together with a bundle of beautiful positive upbeat phrases.  Which I intend on using on layouts because they really are fabulous - so another big thank you!

This week, well work has been hard work (literally) but then the week after a week away is always like that isn't it!

However, hubby helping with the shopping at the weekend and getting on with the tasks in our bedroom that still need doing since we started the redecoration!

Rugby on TV and hubby appreciating the need to scrap.  I sat for a good few hours on Wednesday night putting layout after layout together - utter bliss!  Using up my counterfeit kit, in one evening I had the base for 15 layouts done - now that I like!

And finally little sister's birthday on Thursday in my Mum's new shed, it was fabulous, warm and cosy (a little bit squashed with eight of us in there and two tables of food but hey).  My Mum's home cooking - home made quiche, pizza, sausage rolls, hot beef sandwiches and a fabulous chocolate toffee birthday cake to boot!

Right lovely people I'll leave it at that, Mr Linky if you fancy joining in and linking up I love to see what other grateful moments people have!


  1. Glad you had a nice break - I've remembered (finally) this week :)

  2. Sounds like you had a great week - what a place to stay!! Are the authentic smells still there at the Viking Centre? I went whilst in York on my honeymoon in 1989, lol!!

  3. Lots of 'happies' - the place you stayed at looks beautiful!

    See you at SOC!

    Karen x

  4. Looksso. Lovely york :) both kids been to centre with school. Never have myself. Maybe one day :) xxxx

  5. I am so glad you had a lovely week. That is a beautiful place you stayed in, and so many interesting things to do and see too. I am sure there are lots of layouts to be done from that.
    The card for your sister is great, and Mum's cooking sounds pretty impressive too.
    It is nice to have another Rockette this week. It's a shame we can't attract one or two more. I really enjoy keeping up with all the positives.
    I hope you are soon back into the swing of things at work. Have a good week. Kate x