Friday, 13 June 2014


Good morning everyone, how are you - tis Friday and time to reflect on positives from the last 7 days

A new hair cut at a new hair dressers, she did a fab job and it's been easy to manage this week!

Said 13 year old being very mature and dealing with his first ever guitar exam in a really mature way, very impressed.  Fingers and toes crossed he passes, but we've said not to stress if he doesn't he can always try again.

Hubby for embracing sorting out our bedroom at the weekend which included hand painting a quote on the wall - with the most difficult font his wife could come up with (sorry hun), but it looks fabulous!

The weather - it's been lovely having some blue skies and some decent drying weather for the washing!

Enjoying some home cooked food.

Enjoying the colour purple (not the film the actual colour), it's the new accent colour in our bedroom and looks lovely!

Shredded wheat - I'd forgotten how much I like it!

Wednesday Whine girls - you know who you are - keeping me sane!

Jen at Wear Crafts, she's an absolute star and has just sent two more kits ready for July and August and they are seriously lush!

And that my lovely people is my list for this week, short and sweet I'm afraid, not enough photos ARGH must remember to take more!

So I'll leave you with a couple of layouts from my counterfit kit, first up said 13 year old next to two giant wooden sculptures at YSP.

And then photos of us at Chatsworth earlier in the year and said 13 year old and hubby being their usual mischievous selves!

If you fancy joining us reflecting on your week and finding the positive moments then pop a post together, pop back link up and we shall come and visit.


  1. Will hope 13 year old gets the grade he wants in his exam! Have a great week coming too. Loving your layouts.

  2. A lovely list Virginia. A new haircut is always a boost. I love shredded wheat too! Our bedroom is lilac with mint green, so I guess some purple highlights would go well in there too! You sound happy this week, so I hope that feeling carries on into the week to come. Hugs. Kate x

  3. Damn it I gorget this week - bald you've had a lot of thankfuls and fingers crossed he passes that guitar exam - the waiting is the worst don't you think!

  4. Lovely post and love the positive statements, hope the boy passes and you did a fantastic job on the layouts :)

  5. those wood sculptures are indeed wow! two great layouts