Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Good morning well after lots of fighting with emails and thankfully having the fabulous Lesley from the CKCB design team to help me out, I got the email so I could join in with this month's blog hop.  It would appear that there have been some email issues and despite searching for why - I've not found anything that would prevent me receiving them grrrrrrrrrrr.  So if you've sent emails to which I haven't replied I can only apologise and say - it's because I never got them.

But I digress away from the subject of the blog hop, you should have arrived here from the fabulous aforementioned Lesley's blog http://ohblogitifyoucantbeatthem.blogspot.co.uk These hops are lovely to see how everyone interpreted the challenges there were three challenges in total so here is my take on the challenges.

Challenge #1 - Tone on Tone challenge, using tones of the same colour on your background, I had loads of fun with this one using up lots in the kit too!

This photo was of an art installation at Cragside that we saw last year, it was fabulous, a projected image inside a glass like vase, the installation had sound effects including rain and lightening that it went through in a cycle!

Challenge #2 - Was a sketch challenge - and if I'm honest I really fought with this one - no idea why!
It isn't perfectly the same as the sketch but it generally looks like it should if you know what I mean.

The photo was of the chapel windows that we stayed in last year, I loved the reflection!

Finally Challenge #3 - Line it Up

Arranging embellishments in rows, I lined up the hearts on the layout.

This layout shows hubby and said 13 year old when we visited Portmeirion last year, it's one of those repeat in later year photos, I've got a picture of said 13 year old when he was about 4 in the same position and pose!

Now off you go on your hop to see Cindy's creations http://www.cindyscreations-cinmfoster.blogspot.com

And this is the rest of the list in case you get lost.  Thanks for looking 

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  1. Glad I was able to help just wish we could work out why!
    What a fab job you've done with the challenges this month and I just wonder how many kits you will make next month!?

  2. Gorgeous..these are all so beautifully done..inspiring creations!
    Thanks for visiting my soc post!

  3. glad we got you sorted in the end! and three great layouts. You nailed each of the challenges perfectly! The reflection in the chapel window is just my sort of photo and I particularly like the lined up hearts. Just lovely

  4. All of your pages are lovely-my favorite is the last one, for the line it up challenge!Great colors, so vibrant and fun!

  5. Triply impressive, three great pages all showing your skill in choosing patterns to play off your photos!!

  6. Wow they are all cool in their own way :) Love the greens in the first layout. I seem to struggle a bit to get the background to work for me too on the 2nd one, but you did a fantastic job with it, it's a nice rendition of the sketch. The 3rd one is marvelous and love the hearts in a row the way you have them

  7. Love, love, love your layouts. You are a super over-acheiver, master of the scrap challenge. A triple gold star for you, for completing all three challenges. :D

  8. Fabulous LOs Virginia. I love the tone-on-tone one and the photos you have used on all three are great.

    Toni xx

  9. So sorry that the e-mails didn't get through first time - glad it was sorted in time though. Fab pages - for ALL our challenges as well as so many others with your kit(s). Great work Virginia :-)

  10. Loved seeing some stitching on your page!

  11. I'm really liking these tone on tone layouts - great work :)