Thursday, 12 June 2014


Morning all, well not a lot happening at the craft desk at the moment, I have however managed to grab a few more pieces of paper so I can join in the challenges (fingers crossed).  I am going to ask a strange question though - do you all still buy lots of scrapping goodies, with the counterfeit kit side of things I've become even more frugal than before and I was fairly frugal then!!!  But I'm now starting to struggle to put some of the kits together so just wondered?

OK first up another photo I've had for a bit and not sure I'd actually scrap - this one documents our first attempt at using liquid chocolate to write out names when we were at Cadbury's World.

Next up a close up of some of the fab architectural detail we found on our 5 Weir Walk recently!  

Hoping the mojo may return later (but don't hold your breath! 


  1. Lovely LOs Virginia. The photo on the second one is fabulous.

    Dancing? I attended dance classes from age 9 to early 20s, & auditioned for a few things. When I was 11 tried for Tommy Steel's "Dick Whittington" at the London Palladium (was too tall), late teens tried for Pans People & the dance group for "Seaside Special" (wasn't tall enough) did some local shows but decided that I needed a 'proper' job that had a regular wage. If I tried for anything now, my best bet would probably be for something like "The Roly-Polys" LOL.

    Toni xx

  2. I like how you have cut the papers on these pages, it looks very effective.

  3. Chocolate writing, what (tasty) fun!

    Hope your mojo returns soon!


  4. 2 more??? wow :D
    I do a lot of scrap shopping but mostly because my job will be ending soon & I don't know what my budget may be. I have a few wonderful stores but they are a good distance away so temptation is not too close! I love that the kits make me dive into my supplies & use them up.

  5. I still buy..but normally with a project in mind. If I didn't buy another piece of paper I'd probably never run out! Greta LO's.. again!

  6. I still buy too, I belong too two local clubs so committed to monthly buying so it's fun to mix the new with the old sometimes. I want to make sure I have paper around for when I retire never know what the money situation will be then. I too buy with the project in mind that I will use it for. Lately more frugal buying too. cute layouts liquid chocolate sounds like fun too

  7. I can't help myself from buying - I still use all my bits of paper and hardly throw anything away but its always nice to have a good selection for my CKCB, don't think I would scarp as much without it tbh!

  8. I haven't bought patterned paper for over two years now. I don't think I'll run out any time soon! I have always been pretty frugal with embellishments as I like to make my own. I never got into buying Thickers and such because I like to stamp titles and make use of all my alphabet stamps! Counterfeiting is a great way to keep from buying more stash and you do it so well.