Tuesday, 3 June 2014

CKCB - JUNE 2014 - KIT

Yay finally I managed to grab some papers and put my kit together, I couldn't choose which way to go this month so I've created two kits and this month I haven't gone over the top with the number of papers - last month I was mildly overwhelmed by my enthusiasm at the beginning of the month!

This is my first take on the kit, lots of stripes, zig zags and bold colours

 Strong letter colours, lots from my Wear Craft kits that I got from Jen

Then some of the small elements, lots of the project life style cards from Wear Crafts - Leeza Gibbons, left over stickers and some small cards I made recently

A bundle of ribbons to add to the kit, I've not used ribbons for ages.

And the other kit, I dragged out some very very old papers, some freebies from magazines

Right now I need to make something with them!


  1. Enjoy the "making" process :)

  2. Great choices - I'm sure you'll be super creative again this month!

  3. Not sure if my previous comment posted :(
    Anyway - I think I said something along the lines of great choices, and I'm sure you'll be super-productive again xxx

  4. Lovely kit so bright and cheery :) I can see why yo want to make something with it

  5. Can't wait to see what you come up with this time Virginia - lots of bright sunny colours there to work with.

    Toni xx

  6. Awesome kits, perfect for summertime - looking forward to seeing your creations this month!

  7. I see some wood grain paper in there! Great tie in to the inspiration.