Saturday, 3 May 2014


Good Morning to one and all hope you are enjoying the National Scrapbook Day, as promised here is a beautiful mini book using two out of three mini book kits available from Jen at Wear Crafts, if you haven't got your hands on one of these kits yet, don't worry there is time yet to get one.

This is Option 1 Mini book and if you click on the picture (fingers and toes crossed) it should take you to the Wear Craft link for this kit

National Scrapbook Day 2014 - Mini Book Option One

Option 2 Mini book is 

National Scrapbook Day 2014 - Mini Book Option Two

And Option 3 Mini book is 

National Scrapbook Day - Mini Book Option Three

Each of these kits retails at £10 and is full of lots of gorgeous stash to make a mini book with - so are you ready

Here are the PDF instructions for the book


Now the decoration of the books is really up to yourself but knowing what I'm like with mini book classes sometimes you want to repeat the original design, so here is the detail

Pull out from the first pocket

And the back of it


Now on a couple of the pages - I gutted the centre element and used the frame on one page (as in the yellow frame below
 and used the centre element on the opposite page

 Another gutted frame, the sentiment was used on the front cover

The second mini book

another one of the 'gutted' frames, frame on the left and gutted piece on the right

 And again, frame on the left, gutted piece on the right

 I did the same with this page, took out the bracket and then used some 'scraps to put behind the page
 then used the cut bracket on the right hand page
 This page was technically 'portrait', by turning it I had letters going the wrong way down the page, therefore I cut the ink pen element and stuck over the words

Pocket elements

And yes before you ask I have completed the mini book here is what mine looks like

 This is a pull out pocket element
and the back of the pull out

The little wooden embellishments are part of another Wear Crafts kit and was an add on to the mini book.

Still got to get the date for the photo!

Another gutted page, and used a circular photo
The gutted circle on the left hand page.

 Pull out pocket element
 and the back of it
 Gutted frame placed over the top of the photo
 The gutted bracket used as a journal block on the right.

 Another gutted frame
Journal block

 and here it is finished
 And from above
 The other mini book
 again the wooden butterfly is part of another Wear Crafts kit

 Another gutted frame over the top of the photo

the letters chapel comes from the gorgeous sticker sheet which is part of the kit!

And there you have it, hope you like and hope you get to enjoy the instructions.

Happy National Scrapbook Day


  1. good grief woman! that is amazing!!!!! thanks for producing a fabulous set of NSD2014 projects for Wear Crafts! jenxxx

  2. Do you know what? When your mail art came there other day, Craig asked which one sent it. (Just like that: "which one did this then?") I said, Virginia! And his words? " No, Virginia is the one that does those cool books!" Could of knocked me down with a feather that he knew that! High praise indeed! Seems aaaaaaaages since we saw one of your mini books - it was worth the wait! These are gorgeous!

  3. Amazing minis Virginia - they are simply stunning. Off to download the instructions (but I have to warn you my record for finishing mini-books with photos is appalling LOL)

  4. Wow, wow, wow...gosh you have been busy - these are fabulous Virginia.

    Toni xx