Sunday, 18 May 2014


Unfortunately this weekend seems to have decided to pick up a pace somewhat, so I find myself sat here on a Sunday morning, where did Saturday go?

Didn't manage much scrapping yesterday it was more of a tootling around the house sorting things out whilst hubby was laying laminate and attaching skirting in our bedroom, by the time it was scrapping time last night it had already turned into sofa time - I was exhausted!

Thankfully I've already managed to do quite a bit with my counterfeit kit recently, another layout completed.

Strangely enough the border element had already been cut for this layout, I simple had to layer up and I wasn't sure what I could use that would bring such a pink layer together, however, finding a pink vehicle that we'd posed with last year meant that I was able to put the layout to good use.

The strip along the dotted paper is actually a very very dark pink - although it looks red on the layout.  I used some foam thicker stickers on the layout.


  1. Certainly pink Virginia. A great LO for that photo.

    Weekends are not long enough - they are gone before you even get a chance to start them. Time flies by way too quickly. Enjoy what is left of this one.

    Toni xx

  2. Very pink...I often have pink issues too - but great photo choice :) I do love the border with those hot pink polka dots and it is a beautiful and very pink page :)

  3. Yep it certainly is pink, I have issues with it too cause it's not a color I associate with other than romance, Well done on your layout :) Oh and the weekend, yep Saturday we were out and about so I was crafting late into the night/early morning, just not enough time on the weekends when spring has arrived