Friday, 30 May 2014


Yes that's right I have a crystal ball and I'm looking into the future!

Why, because I've no idea if we'll have wifi LOL - so let's see what next week will hopefully provide.

Time to

  • relax
  • chill out
  • spend time with hubby
  • spend time with said 13 year old
  • do some geo-caching 
  • Explore York
  • Find something new
  • Read
  • Make plans
  • Download brain 
  • Photos to scrapbook 
If I manage some of these I'll be happy, they will provide positive grateful moments for me to take in my life.  I will update you as to whether my grateful list that I'm forseeing into the future does indeed come to fruition.

Leave a comment and your link if you want linking up on my return.  Not that there are many of us Rockettes here these days but I'm grateful for the ones that do - Kate - I'm talking to you hun!  And Carmen when she gets chance and Jen and Lesley when they aren't too run off their feet.

Mr Linky


  1. Have a great time - you know you will always find something to be positive about, that's what I love about your posts! Hope the weather is kind - that always helps!

  2. There is no Mr Linky here today but you can find my post HERE
    Enjoy York Virginia. See you next week. Kate xx

  3. That all sounds wonderful and I hope you're psyche works.
    I promise to join in this month - I think forget more than don't have time!