Friday, 16 May 2014


Morning all tis Friday already, where are these weeks disappearing to I ask you!

Time to take a step back and think about the last week.

First up is hubby who not only instigated decorating our bedroom last weekend but was so proactive in getting the task done.  Within a few hours on Saturday afternoon the room was repainted and starting to take shape.  We have decided on a revamp on the room so it was nice to actually get along with the task which is about 18 months overdue (whoops).  I don't have any pictures, but just to say that getting on with the task, chatting listening to music was lovely.

Next up a trip to a swedish retailer for some ideas, now we normally go and by 'random' items - you know the ones you never knew you needed until you buy them but often come home to find that you didn't really need them in the first place.  I came home with a candle snuffer and a salt and pepper shaker amongst other items and we certainly put the credit card through it's paces but it was good to make further progress on the room, I'll share a photo once it's sorted.

Next grateful - blue skies and sunshine, Wednesday evening we just sat outside enjoying the early evening sun before it disappeared off the back of the house with a cup of tea, it was utterly blissful.

A productive meeting at school recently, said 13 year old has been chosen to go to Lesotho in Africa late next year and we are in the throngs of fundraising it's proving an interesting journey.

Happify introduced to me a while ago, I let it go for a bit but I'm back in the midst of it, working through tracks to look at what creates happiness.  The current track is talking about the fact that money doesn't make you happy, but it does make life easier.  In essence money spent on a social activity or experience will in the long run make memories that are far more lasting than any material purchase.  It's proving to me what I technically already know, why do you think that I continue with rocking your world Fridays - it reminds me of all the amazing grateful things I have in my life.

There was a reminder this week of just how precious the time we have is and how to make the most of it, when Stephen Sutton passed away, he is one of the most inspiring individuals I have ever come across and I'm sure his legacy will be remembered for a long long time to come.

I hope your week has been positive and upbeat and that you too are seeing the moments to be grateful for, even if it's in amongst the detritus of other elements of your life, never forget that each day we have on this earth really is a gift.

On the grounds of a lack of photos - I will leave you with a layout which came about as a result of a UKScrappers challenge, unfortunately I was late loading it up so won't be able to gather the points, but I had fun.  It's also a layout linked with the CKCB kit I put together this month.

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  1. Well done for said 13 year old - that will be a great trip - good luck with the fund raising! Will enjoy seeing your new bedroom pics - I hate decorating so rarely tackle it.. hence it looks very shabby here!

  2. Another lovely week for you Virginia - I hope these great weeks continue for you and the happy sunshine remains :) x

  3. A great week of news Virginia. Well done to your son. That trip will be a wonderful experience for him.
    I quite agree about Stephen Sutton. Did you know that he is going to have star on the 'walk of fame' in Birmingham? That is well deserved. I hope you get more sunshine this week. Kate x

  4. Hehe get you and your candle snuffer....posh! Lol xxxx

  5. Beautiful; layout looks so cool! Thanks for sharing your weekly activities too

  6. a good take on the challenge even if the points weren't able to be collected

  7. Sounds like a good week and such a lovely layout. Love the gold swirly bits and the super photos.