Friday, 9 May 2014


Good morning one and all it's Friday which means only one thing - rocking your world time

What has made you smile this week, raised your spirits made you feel good about the world - let's see what I've got to share with you this week

First up is hubby for his lovely idea of going for a walk over the weekend and encouraging us all to do the Five Weirs Walk into Sheffield, both hubby and said 13 year old have done this walk before but it's a few years ago now, we decided to walk into Sheffield, have a wander around the market with traders from around Europe before catching the tram back.

Here is me and said 13 year old at beginning of the walk!

To say that we were technically in the middle of a city it's surprising how quiet the walk is and how green it is, I do believe the Sheffield is said to be the greenest city and given this walk, I'm minded to agree.

We had a lovely couple of hours, walking, chatting, stopping to take photos and enjoy the scenery - blissful family time, nothing finer - good for the soul.

We got some great photos - I particularly liked this one hubby got for me!

We managed to miss the tram back to the car by seconds, but on one of those serendipitous moments wandered into the Cathedral that has recently reopened, I had never been in there and it really is lovely.
I got this great shot of the modern element at the far side near the entrance.

Saturday was also National Scrapbook Day and being part of the Wear Crafts DT meant that Jen had put together a fab schedule of events through the day which we all contributed to, I produced a mini book with instructions and the largest set of mini book pictures I think I've ever seen on a blog, but it's been well received and hopefully was easy to follow, so I'm grateful for Jen encouraging me to put it together in the first place and secondly for all the lovely outpouring of positivity from the mini book itself, it made me smile from ear to ear. 

Ooh I nearly forgot, seeing a fox run across the road when we were heading to my Mum's last Friday, it's the first time me and said 13 year old have seen a fox in its 'natural' surroundings - it was fantastic! 

Then on Monday we decided to head out to the local ancient bluebell wood, it's a couple of years since we last visited at this time of year.  I now pass this wood every day on my way to work and all I glimpse at is a flash of blue from the corner of my eye; so being able to have a proper walk through was fabulous! 

In addition to the walk, we finally actually FINALLY fully signed up to the geocaching website so we can now get to premium caches too, so as well as a walk through the woods we found two geo-caches to boot! 

Instagram shot of the blue bells off my phone

So the bank holiday was fab stuff, great time in the fresh air enjoying each other's company - bliss!

Tuesday however found us with a poorly 13 year old, so why is this making my list - well hubby called in knowing I had a really important meeting that day - so a massive grateful to hubby for this!

Catching up with family (always lovely)

Speaking of which if a lovely cousin of mine is reading and is speaking to his sister soon - will he tell her to call me haven't had a proper catch up in ages and I keep ringing and missing her - thank you hun!

Next up are two gifts that I sent on to their recipients that were amazingly late - however, thankfully they are now in their rightful homes thanks to good old Royal Mail and my other grateful is how much both girls liked this!  

First up one for Carmen (a very very very belated birthday present), my grateful is that the needle felter is just as good as I hoped it would be and the grateful moments are to hubby for encouraging and helping me make these.

And then one for Sarah - a late (but not quite as late as Carmen's) needle felted jackelope cushion, grateful - quality craft time!

And final grateful is the outpouring of love from Melanie my old work colleague for the card I sent her this week, she was over the moon, and talk about being in synch with each other tonight I've arrived home to a gorgeous little angel statue for my new work desk, which means we were thinking about each other this week which I think is fab!  So a big grateful to lovely friends!

I shall leave you with my entry to the stay at home journal this last month, it was heart in the art and this is my interpretation.

So if you fancy putting down your positives, taking a step back to enjoy the grateful moments and would like to join in, do a blog post, come back link up and we will come and visit.


  1. I so enjoyed your post, the bluebells took me back to my childhood in the New Forest where they grew in abundance, your walk in Sheffield sounded lovely too and the card in a box... love it, am going to give one of those a go before I pack up my scraproom!! Annette

  2. the 5 Weirs Walk looks fabulous, as does the Cathedral! Hope 13year old recovered quickly. Love the gifts you sent.

  3. Oh my goodness - we see a lot of foxes. My MiL's neighbour was feeding them at one time! Wont go into the trouble that caused but they are so beautiful to see in real life even if not everyone wants them near their home.

    Fully immersed in nature this week - it looks so beautiful where you are - it's posts like this that might just change my mind about getting a phone - just for the camera mind ;)

    Gorgeous post Virginia and your cushion features in mine too :D

    x x x x

  4. What a lovely post. Lots to make you happy here. Gorgeous bluebells and I love the dandelion clocks, but they are bringing on my boy's hay fever very early this year.

  5. Fabulous photos and what a great week, hope this one is proving just as good :)