Friday, 2 May 2014


Morning all it's Rocking Your World Friday, if you are here to check out the penultimate layout created from the Wear Crafts 12 Pledges Kit - then scroll down!

Morning All - well this week has definitely flown by with the blink of an eye, I'm a bit short of photos I'm afraid - but hey let's see what grateful moments I have.

Last weekend was forecast for being a wet and miserable affair so we had no 'plans' to venture far and wide, however, it turned out to be a lovely weekend - so this weekend we'll be ignoring the forecast and heading out regardless.

However, time at home with hubby and son last weekend meant that I dragged out my sewing machine and my new needle felter to play with.  Said 13 year old decided that he wanted to have a 'play' he's used my sewing machine before but was ultimately intrigued with the needle felter - it turned out that we had to take it in turns to use it!

These are two cushions made by said 13 year old, the first one I helped cut out the elements of it and he did the felting and putting the cushion together and didn't he do a grand job!

The one he did the following day was of his own doing, cutting the elements, needle felting and stitching the pillow case.

And then he also made one for his cousin which I don't have a photo of, we had a fab time playing and are loving the ideas we've come up with as a result of this new piece of kit!  So I'm grateful for a fab 13 year old!

Actually talking about said 13 year old, he really is an absolute joy to be around at the moment, he is smiley, chatty, he loves to catch up on our day and tell us about his day, he declared on Wednesday that he'd had "a great day at school today, Mum!" - how fab is that and his positivity really is infectious!

Next grateful - Happify - I've left this alone for an age but recently I was so low and didn't know how to pull myself out of it mentally that I went back to Happify.  I love this site and have used so many of the tracks, the current one I'm on is releasing more positivity into my life.

As a result of that Monday saw changes, nothing that warranted flags being waved or anything like that, just a determination to make changes and do you know this week has been particularly fabulous as a result.  The change in mental outlook really is pretty blinking special!

Jen at Wear Crafts, she is a joy all of the time, always enthusiastic so generous and thoughtful and always concerned for everyone else - a sign of an amazing woman!  If you fancy joining us tomorrow for a cyber crop on National Scrapbook Day - then check out the facebook page here

Lesley my DT buddy - is also a gem, reading through some mini book instructions recently that I was 'testing' - thank you Lesley!  Actually talking of Lesley - she has now got a badge for her new meme - MAD - Make a Difference - check this post here

And the badge

Catching up with my family over the weekend was great too as was the phone call last night! 

So there we are - lots of positives to be had this week.  If you fancy joining in here is Mr Linky 

Wear Crafts 12 Pledges Kit 

Morning All well this is the final layout I created using the fabulous Wear Crafts 12 Pledges Kit released last Friday

As I came to the end of the kit, I had lots of these beautiful page elements still around, now they could easily be incorporated into a layout one at a time, but to showcase the versatility of the kit I wondered what they would look like grouped together.

I grabbed a sheet of black cardstock, stamped on it with versamark and then used some embossing powder to create a texture background. 

I cut the oval out of the centre of one of the elements, to create the photo frame (then turned the oval over to create an oval page element behind the frame). 

I then layered up the other elements I had remaining. 

I love the finish to this page, just documenting a photo of said 13 year old when we were on a walk last year, enjoying the fresh air - nothing finer! 

If you want to know more about the 12 pledges kit - then head over to the Wear Crafts website -

Other inspiration can be found on Lesley's blog earlier in the week -

And if you want to know what the kit (which costs the tiny sum of £5) looks like feast your eyes on this - 

Final layout tomorrow - Happy Scrapping! 


  1. Said 13-year old is a treasure indeed - and a talented crafter, to boot! Love his cushions! So glad you're feeling more positive this week, I don't know Happify, but it seems to have worked for you... Hope you have a great weekend ((and don't get too wet if the forecast does - or doesn't - do what it is meant to, depending!) xx

  2. Lovely post Virginia and I loved the pillows you both made very much.

    Karen x

  3. Well done for hooking up with Happify again - it's such a positive resource.

    Love those cushions, well done said 13 year old!


  4. You lad really is a blessing to you right now. He did a fabulous job o the cushions though I have to admit, I have no idea how a felting needle works, or what it does. I hope you continue to have a positive week this week. See you in two weeks time. Kate x