Saturday, 24 May 2014


A while ago, Jen sent me a collection of Leeza Gibbons instascrap items and asked what I could do with them.  They are obviously designed for a project life style album and if that's something you do then definitely check these out. However, I don't do project life but I am a prolific scrapbooker, so what could I do with them?    They really are lovely and they would be really easy to use on a layout as an embellishment, but I wondered how much fun it would be to try and make them the main element of a layout!

The fabulous thing is that they allow you to create really clean layouts.  I played with some of the elements and came up with this layout.  Documenting some not so great photos that were taken on a phone.  I think they worked really well.  I used some as photo mats, and some as journal blocks.

The layout above is of the weaving inside a conifer tree at Chatsworth, a lot of people don't realise it's there and it really feels like another world when we wander inside.

OK so you're sat there saying - that's not my style, I like things a bit 'messier' and more 'scrapbook-y' and can't do clean lines - well what about this one?

Same process, layering up lots of elements on a plain background, a little bit of ink through a mask to break up the white, add a photo and you're done.

This layout is a visit to Charlecote Park, we were there quite late in the day and were heading back to the car when we spotted deers in the distance, so we got a few photos and I loved this one!

These really are incredibly versatile - if you fancy getting your paws on some - head over to see Jen at Wear Crafts  

I've got a couple more of these layouts to share that I'll show you later - happy scrapping.


  1. ooh i like that... especially the last one with the yellow tones! super, jx

  2. Love the instascrap bits and bobs and what a great job you've done with it too :)