Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Morning all, well I'm sat here with a tens machine on in an amazing amount of pain - having pulled my back - so there isn't much waffle this morning I'm afraid

First up is a layout where for the first time in forever I put the title and journalling on using my printer - haven't done this in an age.  Unfortunately I don't own a 12" wide printer but by cutting the paper to A4 width I can print on the sheet then use the normal scrapbooking process to put other papers onto the cut line so you'd never know - but I've just told you so you  know now LOL!

Next up is the other Big Picture Classes NSD layout I did in the project life style, as I said yesterday it's not my favourite but met the pre-requisites for the class and meant lots of photos on one page and was relatively quick to do.

Right more pain killers


  1. Hope the pain eases quickly - poor you.

    Love the LOs Virginia.

    Toni xx

  2. Oh Virginia hope your back is better soon, look after yourself x

  3. Feel better soon Virginia, I pray the pain eases up and you get better quickly. Well done on the layouts and I like what you did with the top on and will have to give that a try. A fun bottom layout I like the way this turned and if you don't mind would love to lift it for a project that I will be working on next month :)

  4. Id love a 12" printer but your method is the cheaper option! Hope you feel better soon

  5. Get better soon :-(

    Great layouts and a great tip about cutting the paper down to A4 to print.