Friday, 30 May 2014


Good evening all and it's my turn to kick off the layouts using the absolutely gorgeous Optimism Pledge kit from Jen at Wear Crafts, I had sooooooooooooooo much fun with this kit - I mean - so much fun!  It is a veritable feast of pastels, which are not my normal choice in papers and do you know what it was lovely to work out of the norm - I managed 7 layouts in total from the kit with a couple of sheets of white cardstock added.

This page is where I started - I know I know, not much of the paper in this layout, but it's sooooo lush I wanted to squeeze every ounce of of this kit!  I cut some scalloped circles and then folded them in, this was easier said than done but I was impressed with the finish.  I used a pale pink stamp on the background and a mask and then set to work.

The Carpe Diem sentiment came off the bottom strip of the paper - you know the one that you normally cut off! A bit of hand journalling at it was done.  The photo from a recent walk we did, blue skies and nattering with family - nothing finer!

Up close you can see the folded scallops - they do look pretty don't they!

I'll also share with you my next layout, now I have to admit to being very influenced this month by quilting patterns, I love the overall effect you get when using fabrics and I thought why not on paper too.  This one I've cut 2" squares, scored the backing cardstock with a 1/2" dry embossing line and then distressed each of the squares.  The photo documents a rather wet day at Chatsworth checking out some eclectic sculptures that were on display!

I also cut the Carpe Diem sentiment from one of the sheets, mounted it up on foam pads.  Added the wooden cloud (just to remind us how wet the day was).  I then punched two hearts out, stuck them together with foam pads and tied a little bit of organza ribbon around it.  I used one of the squares for a journalling block.

If you want to get your hands on one of these beautiful kits (and I suggest you act quickly because they have sold out like hot cakes this year - not surprising given the gorgeous papers and the fact that the kits retail at £5) then click here to head over to the Wear Crafts website.  Jen also normally does a couple of add on kits for those that want more (and why would you not want more of this).

So head over to the Wear Crafts website and grab yourself a bargain, you won't be disappointed.

Want to see the versatility of the kit, then head over to Lesley's blog tomorrow to see what she's been creating with the same kit.  I'll be sharing more on Sunday!


Yes that's right I have a crystal ball and I'm looking into the future!

Why, because I've no idea if we'll have wifi LOL - so let's see what next week will hopefully provide.

Time to

  • relax
  • chill out
  • spend time with hubby
  • spend time with said 13 year old
  • do some geo-caching 
  • Explore York
  • Find something new
  • Read
  • Make plans
  • Download brain 
  • Photos to scrapbook 
If I manage some of these I'll be happy, they will provide positive grateful moments for me to take in my life.  I will update you as to whether my grateful list that I'm forseeing into the future does indeed come to fruition.

Leave a comment and your link if you want linking up on my return.  Not that there are many of us Rockettes here these days but I'm grateful for the ones that do - Kate - I'm talking to you hun!  And Carmen when she gets chance and Jen and Lesley when they aren't too run off their feet.

Mr Linky

Monday, 26 May 2014


Morning all, more instascrap layouts with Leeza Gibbons journal cards from Wear Crafts - really versatile to use in normal scrapbooking as well as project life style scrapping.  I've already shared four layouts I've created with these.

This one is again a fairly simple layout,  I mounted some of the cards onto a darker square of cardstock.

Using up photos that really weren't great, and I wondered whether I'd ever be able to get them onto a layout,  never fear when you've got some of these great instascrap cards.  Using the cards I create frames for photos.  A bit of hand sewing and you've got a great layout!

Next up and the final layout (for now, yes there are still loads left - I kid you not) I stamped a background stamp onto white cardstock.  Then layered up the photos, journal blocks and used one of the cards as a title.

Want to get your hands on some then you need to check out the selection that Jen has available at Wear Crafts here 

Sunday, 25 May 2014


Good morning, I shared yesterday a couple of layouts I've done using the Leeza Gibbons instascraps from Wear Crafts - not sure what I'm talking about - well head over to see Jen and find out all about them - this link here will show you the goodies!  Now as well as stickers and albums and refills there are also a fabulous selection of journal cards in varying sizes which I've found are really very versatile.

Proof of the pudding as it were, a selection of the 2 x 2 cards - used to create a really simple layout, the rounded corners have been emulated with the photo.  I popped the centres of some of the square out, thus giving me the opportunity of mixing up the cards, raising some on foam pads etc.

This layout was when said 13 year old got questioned by a rather flamboyant character at Cadbury's World in Birmingham!

Next up I'm going to show you how these cards are great as an embellishment.  In this instance, I trimmed the card so it fitted between the photos.  I then matted on a co-ordinating cardstock.  The piece I cut off was used to create the little polka dot hearts!

Like I said really versatile because the rest of the layout is just cut plain cardstock!

This layout is fairly self explanatory - the Back to the Future DeLorean that we found at the Heritage Motor Museum!

Saturday, 24 May 2014


A while ago, Jen sent me a collection of Leeza Gibbons instascrap items and asked what I could do with them.  They are obviously designed for a project life style album and if that's something you do then definitely check these out. However, I don't do project life but I am a prolific scrapbooker, so what could I do with them?    They really are lovely and they would be really easy to use on a layout as an embellishment, but I wondered how much fun it would be to try and make them the main element of a layout!

The fabulous thing is that they allow you to create really clean layouts.  I played with some of the elements and came up with this layout.  Documenting some not so great photos that were taken on a phone.  I think they worked really well.  I used some as photo mats, and some as journal blocks.

The layout above is of the weaving inside a conifer tree at Chatsworth, a lot of people don't realise it's there and it really feels like another world when we wander inside.

OK so you're sat there saying - that's not my style, I like things a bit 'messier' and more 'scrapbook-y' and can't do clean lines - well what about this one?

Same process, layering up lots of elements on a plain background, a little bit of ink through a mask to break up the white, add a photo and you're done.

This layout is a visit to Charlecote Park, we were there quite late in the day and were heading back to the car when we spotted deers in the distance, so we got a few photos and I loved this one!

These really are incredibly versatile - if you fancy getting your paws on some - head over to see Jen at Wear Crafts  

I've got a couple more of these layouts to share that I'll show you later - happy scrapping.

Friday, 23 May 2014


Good morning, well it's Friday (again I hear) and it's time to take stock of the positives - this one will most definitely be a dig deep week because of my poorly back but I'm sure there are some positives to be had.

First up has to be the most beautiful gift that I received from Jen this week!

Made by her Dad, it wasn't expected and was quite overwhelming when I opened it - a beautiful Celtic Knot and we all know how much I love my Celtic knots.

Next up is hubby for coming to my rescue when my back went on Tuesday, arriving home, racing out to get a new tens machine, sorting some voltarol gel, making sure I'm OK, driving me to work on Thursday and picking me up because I can't press the clutch down - my knight in shining armour - he really is a gem!

Sunday having family over for a barbecue, it was blue skies, fun and laughter all the way - such happy times.  Did too much food as always but enjoyed it nonetheless!

Oh next up has to be Wear Crafts 12 Pledges, in amongst the madness that was setting in with the back pain I managed to prepare a few layouts for the kits due to be released in May and June - I can't tell you how much fun these were to work on and how lovely it is to work with gorgeous papers - sheer bliss I tell you!

And in no particular order the rest of my grateful moments are

The Wednesday Whine girls for keeping my going and giving me a laugh and sharing their happy photos!

Happify - fab web-based happiness program!

47 Ronin - amazing film

Oh I'm sorry it really is a dig deep week isn't it!

Well that my lovely people will have to do you for the time being at the moment.

I best leave you with some pretty layouts - more counterfeit kit layouts me thinks

First up hubby and said 13 year old on our walk recently, we found a view point from which we could see a needle sculpture, it was well hidden in the trees.  This was also a challenge on UK Scrappers which was to use a Winnie the Pooh quote for a title.

Then me and said 13 year old at the RSC - apparently being pursued by a bear.

Quite a quick layout given how much colours was going on in the same.

I'll leave you with Mr Linky

Thursday, 22 May 2014


Morning all, sharing more from my counterfeit kit this month.

First up a colourful layout, using lots of elements on it, this one would have been part of the blog hop had I got myself in gear and actually let the counterfeit team know in time LOL.  Ooh well I'll have to do it next month.  This is challenge number 3 - and contains a summer bucket list.  It also documents me and hubby at Chatsworth, as it contains a giant umbrella I could also have included it in the other challenge relating to weather which was challenge number 1, which I didn't realise until after I'd done the weather challenge layout!

And another layout, using lots of white space.  This one meets the second challenge relating to using all of something.  In this case it was a whole stack of labels that were part of my kit.

This one documents me and said 13 year old at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in the underground gallery that allowed photos for the first time that I could remember.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


I know I know, more layouts from my kit - it's still fairly bulky if I'm honest, despite having made quite a number of layouts up to now.

Another layout using the printer to create the title and the journalling!  There was a typo in the first line - so I stuck a punched heart on top of it!  As you can see as I don't have a 12" printer - I readhered the piece back together with a strip down the cut line!

I used a typewriter type print on the page, added washi tape and some 'tickets' provided from a Secret Santa gift I got from Sami a couple of years ago, plus a chipboard heart - still in it's chipboard state with a bit of inking around the edge.

Next up is said 13 year old meeting Tich - she was support act for James Arthur when we saw him back at the beginning of the year, and came out into the auditorium after her performance, she was more than happy to pose for a photo!

Again putting the printer through it's paces to create the writing and the title before putting back together, I also added a little gesso through a mask on this one.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Morning all, well I'm sat here with a tens machine on in an amazing amount of pain - having pulled my back - so there isn't much waffle this morning I'm afraid

First up is a layout where for the first time in forever I put the title and journalling on using my printer - haven't done this in an age.  Unfortunately I don't own a 12" wide printer but by cutting the paper to A4 width I can print on the sheet then use the normal scrapbooking process to put other papers onto the cut line so you'd never know - but I've just told you so you  know now LOL!

Next up is the other Big Picture Classes NSD layout I did in the project life style, as I said yesterday it's not my favourite but met the pre-requisites for the class and meant lots of photos on one page and was relatively quick to do.

Right more pain killers

Monday, 19 May 2014


Morning all - more counterfeit kit layouts this morning, I'm having fun with the kit up to now but as yet haven't managed any of the challenges - hopefully will resolve that this evening.

First up hubby and Lara Croft's vehicle from when we visited a car museum last year.

I used a small stamp I got recently for the title and journal blocks.

Next up is a layout I did as part of the Big Picture Classes for national scrapbook day, I'm not one for blending paint with my scrapping very often because I don't like the fact that it 'buckles' my paper, however I've discovered leaving it underneath my two craft mats over night goes a long way to flattening it back out.  I know a lot of people use chipboard as a base but I dread to think how heavy my layouts would be if I used chipboard all the time!

And the final one is another Big Picture Class inspired layout.  It was to create a page in a project life style and include lots of photos, I did two of these layouts (need to share the other one yet) but if I'm honest it didn't really float my boat - not as much as the one above, I think it was a case of if you are going to do project life do it if you know what I mean!

Right work beckons hope you're all having a good day!

Sunday, 18 May 2014


Unfortunately this weekend seems to have decided to pick up a pace somewhat, so I find myself sat here on a Sunday morning, where did Saturday go?

Didn't manage much scrapping yesterday it was more of a tootling around the house sorting things out whilst hubby was laying laminate and attaching skirting in our bedroom, by the time it was scrapping time last night it had already turned into sofa time - I was exhausted!

Thankfully I've already managed to do quite a bit with my counterfeit kit recently, another layout completed.

Strangely enough the border element had already been cut for this layout, I simple had to layer up and I wasn't sure what I could use that would bring such a pink layer together, however, finding a pink vehicle that we'd posed with last year meant that I was able to put the layout to good use.

The strip along the dotted paper is actually a very very dark pink - although it looks red on the layout.  I used some foam thicker stickers on the layout.


Last week Carmen asked me to take part in a virtual blog tour - I felt very privileged to be asked by her and involves giving a peak behind the scenes as it were, however, similar to Carmen there isn't much goes on behind the scenes that I don't share - my weekly Rocking Your World round up usually touches on the things in my general life as well as sharing the crafting I do.

  • What am I working on?
  • How does my work differ from others of its genre?
  • Why do I write/create what I do?
  • How does your writing/creating process work?

What am I working on?

Well currently I'm working on a stay at home journal entry which is due near the end of the month. The theme of the entry is rust, costs and wheels - I'm enjoying working on this as well as the other entries that I've done previously. 

I'm also in the midst of scrapbooking again - on a massive scale I think yesterday's layout was number 157 of the year!  This take off in scrapping has occurred since joining the Wear Crafts design team and then happening across the counterfeit kit blog which I'm currently obsessed with as well as being part of a point collecting team on UK Scrappers. 

On the home front, we are currently undertaking a revamp of our bedroom and given that we have no intention of getting rid of our gothic bed means we are introducing more gothic elements into the room as we go.  This means hubby is currently learning to construct gothic arches and quatrefoils - the air has been blue on occasions! It also means that there is a chance that we will be reintroduing the Celtic Knots into our home decor - how I miss them.  Our last home was a veritable feast of knotwork in every single room, the obsession grew - knotwork off scaffolding was a norm!  Laying down to paint next to the skirting board was a typical end of the day task - it took over our lives, we got accused of tattooing our house - and if I'm honest I suppose that is what we did.  Having to paint over those hours and hours of work was one of the hardest things we had to do when we left that house and we didn't have the heart to recommence that in our current home.  Given that we've really no intention of moving, however, it seems sensible now to reconsider the personalisation of the same. 

Other than that I have my needle felter, my new current obsession, bought on the basis that said 13 year old will be doing art textile and therefore it would be a useful tool for him too, it was something of an indulgent purchase if I'm brutally honest, but we've had fun up to now.  This zombie cushion was done using a design created by my brother! 

Then there is the gelli plate - I love working on this, it's enormous fun, creates unique prints every time and makes me happy.  I haven't gelliplated for a while - I may have to remedy this!  I also love sending out mail art, another positive that makes me happy - it also brightens other people's day - so it's a definitive win win.

How Does my Work Differ From others of Its Genre?

Wow my work doesn't have a genre - it's whatever creativity I can fit into my spare time.  However, having bought a small tablet recently I'm hoping to make You Tube How to... videos my new best friend.  

I don't consider myself an artist as such, I like to dabble and create and it makes me happy.  I have a few pieces that I'm happy with but my process is never about the finished items it is always about the process. 

Why Do I Write/Create What I do?

This one is easy - when it comes to scrapbooking I do it to preserve memories.  My Dad died when I was 16 years of age, I'm sure at that point I had lots and lots of memories of time with him but as time passes I find my memories lessen each year, I can no longer 'hear' his voice and with no actually recording of the same it's gone forever.  

He also worked too hard, spent too many hours working and not enough soaking up the positives and enjoying life.  He passed away at the age of 40 - I'm older than he was when he died and I have so many things I want to do yet.  So scrapping is my way of preserving fun family time as well as making sure I go out and do something, without scrapping I'm sure we wouldn't do half the things we do.  I clocked recently that I had very few 'scrapping' photos for this year up to now - it pushed us out of the house exploring and led to a fabulous weekend and a whole heap of new memories to scrap.

I want my son to grow up in a positive creative house, where the answers are yes we can whenever possible and show him that the best things in life aren't things they are experiences - days out with family, holidays, trips, time with friends - all positive things to learn and live your life buy.

The rest of my creativity - well the art journalling stemmed from a time when I couldn't cope with emotions so I art journalled it was a great release and rebalanced my life, I haven't art journalled for an age - why - because I don't 'need' to any more I'm happy with my life. 

The larger art works we have around the house, one stemmed from a low point in my work life - it's what I use for the rocking your world button, who would have thought that something created at a time of pain and distress would come to symbolise my take on the positive and grateful moments in life. 

The other one was created as a part of an anniversary gift between me and hubby - it makes me smile whenever I look at it.  It is a creation from a time when we needed to grow closer together and it symbolises that for me.  

We also have a family piece in the main TV room which comes from seeing a fab version of Macbeth at the RSC. 

How does your Writing/Creating process work?

It became obvious a few years ago that the creativity is a really important element of my life and when I didn't create I often felt upset that I could have been creating but didn't.  I started out in the spare room downstairs and soon found that the whole family also joined me in that creative space.  So when we 'moved' the main living area into another room in the house I decided that my creative space needed to come with me.  

So now I have my desk in the family room, the boys (hubby and said 13 year old), can chill and watch a film or play on Xbox or in said 13 year old's case build lego, or sit on the laptop (not literally - that would be silly) and I can sit and create.  I find that as it's in the main living space I tend to 'scrap' in that space but not paint and spray paint etc, so that is kept to the dining area. 

Blog wise, well I sit on the main PC and type away, I take photos when the light is good and I can get a reasonable shot of things - it works for me and I enjoy it! 

Plans for the future, well counterfeit kit challenge blog has set a challenge of a bucket list on a layout, I've only really come across bucket lists in the 'before I die...' genre - so the idea of having a bucket list for a short period of time or over a specific holiday really strikes a chord.  In fact I'm going to drag out some lining paper and stick it to the main door in the kitchen/dining room and put a pencil with it and ask us all to add to it - let's see what comes of that over the summer. 

And now time to move you on to someone else and share their creativity and spaces - 

First up Suzy at Sea Glass & Sand - I love Suzy's posts they are fabulously creative and positive, she loves to dabble in mixed media and isn't adverse to get inky fingers!  I also love that this mixed media is now spilling over into her scrapping style!   

Next up is Lesley at - Oh! Blog It! - a fellow DT member for Wear Crafts Lesley's style of scrapping is fantastic, always up for a challenge, part of the counterfeit kit blog challenge design team, she really turns out some beautiful pieces! 

Next up is Jen of Wear Crafts fame - her blog Scrappyjen spills out all the beautiful positivity she has for happy scrapping - her idea is to bring this to as many people as possible so they can be creative and join in with this fabulous hobby!  

Finally (because like Carmen I can't add up to three either) is Sarah's blog at are you flowin?  - this girl can create - her work is utterly fabulous and she throws her hand to all sorts of things - and I love love love her stencil work - amazing stuff! 

Saturday, 17 May 2014


Morning all well I've been on with some more counterfeit layouts from my kit this month, I love doing this challenge, I use up so many different papers from different collections in the process - fabulous stuff!

This layout was taken only a couple of weeks ago when we did the Five Weirs Walk, I used the sketch from me and mine this month.  I've had the tag forever so it was lovely to use, the tickets on the layout were gifts as part of my Secret Santa gift from Sam a couple of years ago, I love using these up in amongst my layouts, the chevrons were cut by hand.

I didn't think I'd be able to find a way of using the 'anchor' paper, but given that it was water I thought why not.

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine!

Friday, 16 May 2014


Morning all tis Friday already, where are these weeks disappearing to I ask you!

Time to take a step back and think about the last week.

First up is hubby who not only instigated decorating our bedroom last weekend but was so proactive in getting the task done.  Within a few hours on Saturday afternoon the room was repainted and starting to take shape.  We have decided on a revamp on the room so it was nice to actually get along with the task which is about 18 months overdue (whoops).  I don't have any pictures, but just to say that getting on with the task, chatting listening to music was lovely.

Next up a trip to a swedish retailer for some ideas, now we normally go and by 'random' items - you know the ones you never knew you needed until you buy them but often come home to find that you didn't really need them in the first place.  I came home with a candle snuffer and a salt and pepper shaker amongst other items and we certainly put the credit card through it's paces but it was good to make further progress on the room, I'll share a photo once it's sorted.

Next grateful - blue skies and sunshine, Wednesday evening we just sat outside enjoying the early evening sun before it disappeared off the back of the house with a cup of tea, it was utterly blissful.

A productive meeting at school recently, said 13 year old has been chosen to go to Lesotho in Africa late next year and we are in the throngs of fundraising it's proving an interesting journey.

Happify introduced to me a while ago, I let it go for a bit but I'm back in the midst of it, working through tracks to look at what creates happiness.  The current track is talking about the fact that money doesn't make you happy, but it does make life easier.  In essence money spent on a social activity or experience will in the long run make memories that are far more lasting than any material purchase.  It's proving to me what I technically already know, why do you think that I continue with rocking your world Fridays - it reminds me of all the amazing grateful things I have in my life.

There was a reminder this week of just how precious the time we have is and how to make the most of it, when Stephen Sutton passed away, he is one of the most inspiring individuals I have ever come across and I'm sure his legacy will be remembered for a long long time to come.

I hope your week has been positive and upbeat and that you too are seeing the moments to be grateful for, even if it's in amongst the detritus of other elements of your life, never forget that each day we have on this earth really is a gift.

On the grounds of a lack of photos - I will leave you with a layout which came about as a result of a UKScrappers challenge, unfortunately I was late loading it up so won't be able to gather the points, but I had fun.  It's also a layout linked with the CKCB kit I put together this month.

Mr Linky

Thursday, 15 May 2014


My final layout linked with the fabulous challenges set by the counterfeit kit colour challenge for national scrapbooking day, this one was to do with primary colours, the background striped paper is blue red and a pale yellow, I added a brighter yellow and embossed some red cardstock to make the picture pop, lots of ribbons, some stars raised on foam pads, a blue title using some fabulous stickers from Wear Crafts and it came together, documenting my utter giddiness at seeing Mr David Tennant last year in Richard II at the RSC!

May I thank all the girls on the counterfeit kit challenge blog for making some fabulous challenges - I've had a blast - thank you!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Now I've been working my way through the challenges on the counterfeit kit blog linked with national scrapbook day, it's been great fun.  Lesley's challenge was rainbow - yes that's right folks using every colour of the rainbow on my layout, now although I had a couple of papers in my kit this month that would most definitely have met most of the colours and therefore could have been used with a couple of additions, I fancied having a go at a technique in the Scrap365 magazine this month and I must admit I'm really rather pleased with the effect.

It started out as sheet of white cardstock, 7 acrylic paints were dragged out, as was mini brayer and away I went, I put the colours together that seemed to be more pleasing on the eye (I was tempted to go with the song, but thought there might be some significant colour clash).  Then I waited for it to dry, used some white gesso, a few stamps on the background in black, a few ink splats and it was done.

I've used a photo of the fantastic window at the new Coventry cathedral that we were lucky enough to visit last year.  My journalling is hidden behind the photo, which I matted up on purple and white to make it stand out.

Hope you've had a fabulous scrapping day!


Good morning, well I'm sharing another layout for the counterfeit kit challenge blog's colour challenge, this was challenge number 3 and it was to use colourful embellishments.

I used an offcut from the fantastic Wear Crafts mini book kit that I recently received for the title (the bit that says Life documented).  I used an instagram shot of my Mum and sister when we visited Chatsworth last year and used the colour orange as the main prompt from the photo, adding orange half circle elements and a scalloped piece and some arrows.  However it didn't 'pop' enough, so I used some little bunting stickers and some shiny dots before adding the tag and the 'memories' sticker.  I'm really pleased with it, not only do the embellishment 'lift' the layouts, but as all of these were in my counterfeit kit for this month they cover both tasks.

The background paper I've had forever and never actually thought I'd use, this is why I love love love the counterfeit kit challenge because I use up papers that quite honestly will probably never be used otherwise!

Hope you're having a great happy scrapping day.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014


So this morning I shared my take on the first colour challenge on the Counterfeit Kit Colour Challenge from national scrapbook day, this afternoon I'm sharing my take on the second challenge - the challenge was using black/white/grey with one other colour to create a layout, now this was an interesting balance if I'm honest.  

I went rummaging through my stash found some white and grey papers and a 12 x 12 that I'd created using my gelli plate last year with lots of masks and purple paint. The cog embellishment was part of a Secret Santa gift I received last year, I punched white and purple stars out of the offcuts.  Handstitched the buttons and ribbon to the paper and added a couple of accent items behind.  I then grabbed the predominantly purple photo and put this together.

I really enjoyed the concept of this one and plan on using it again in the future!  


Good morning, thought I'd better put what I've managed to put together this month for the colour challenge that was on counterfeit kit blog's national scrapbook day challenge.

This is the first challenge set which was around colours and mood.  Now strangely enough I don't normally scrap in yellow - not sure why, and I've had this paper at the back an absolute age, it had a bright garrish edge element to it, which I cut away and put a more subtle blend behind it, punched out the hearts and stuck them down and stitched around them, I am really pleased with the layout and have discovered that yellow makes me HAPPY to scrap with!

I've got more to share, but dashing off to work - so you'll have to wait until later, hope you have a happy scrapping day!   As this came out of my May kit for CKCB it covers both elements - win win!

Friday, 9 May 2014


Good morning one and all it's Friday which means only one thing - rocking your world time

What has made you smile this week, raised your spirits made you feel good about the world - let's see what I've got to share with you this week

First up is hubby for his lovely idea of going for a walk over the weekend and encouraging us all to do the Five Weirs Walk into Sheffield, both hubby and said 13 year old have done this walk before but it's a few years ago now, we decided to walk into Sheffield, have a wander around the market with traders from around Europe before catching the tram back.

Here is me and said 13 year old at beginning of the walk!

To say that we were technically in the middle of a city it's surprising how quiet the walk is and how green it is, I do believe the Sheffield is said to be the greenest city and given this walk, I'm minded to agree.

We had a lovely couple of hours, walking, chatting, stopping to take photos and enjoy the scenery - blissful family time, nothing finer - good for the soul.

We got some great photos - I particularly liked this one hubby got for me!

We managed to miss the tram back to the car by seconds, but on one of those serendipitous moments wandered into the Cathedral that has recently reopened, I had never been in there and it really is lovely.
I got this great shot of the modern element at the far side near the entrance.

Saturday was also National Scrapbook Day and being part of the Wear Crafts DT meant that Jen had put together a fab schedule of events through the day which we all contributed to, I produced a mini book with instructions and the largest set of mini book pictures I think I've ever seen on a blog, but it's been well received and hopefully was easy to follow, so I'm grateful for Jen encouraging me to put it together in the first place and secondly for all the lovely outpouring of positivity from the mini book itself, it made me smile from ear to ear. 

Ooh I nearly forgot, seeing a fox run across the road when we were heading to my Mum's last Friday, it's the first time me and said 13 year old have seen a fox in its 'natural' surroundings - it was fantastic! 

Then on Monday we decided to head out to the local ancient bluebell wood, it's a couple of years since we last visited at this time of year.  I now pass this wood every day on my way to work and all I glimpse at is a flash of blue from the corner of my eye; so being able to have a proper walk through was fabulous! 

In addition to the walk, we finally actually FINALLY fully signed up to the geocaching website so we can now get to premium caches too, so as well as a walk through the woods we found two geo-caches to boot! 

Instagram shot of the blue bells off my phone

So the bank holiday was fab stuff, great time in the fresh air enjoying each other's company - bliss!

Tuesday however found us with a poorly 13 year old, so why is this making my list - well hubby called in knowing I had a really important meeting that day - so a massive grateful to hubby for this!

Catching up with family (always lovely)

Speaking of which if a lovely cousin of mine is reading and is speaking to his sister soon - will he tell her to call me haven't had a proper catch up in ages and I keep ringing and missing her - thank you hun!

Next up are two gifts that I sent on to their recipients that were amazingly late - however, thankfully they are now in their rightful homes thanks to good old Royal Mail and my other grateful is how much both girls liked this!  

First up one for Carmen (a very very very belated birthday present), my grateful is that the needle felter is just as good as I hoped it would be and the grateful moments are to hubby for encouraging and helping me make these.

And then one for Sarah - a late (but not quite as late as Carmen's) needle felted jackelope cushion, grateful - quality craft time!

And final grateful is the outpouring of love from Melanie my old work colleague for the card I sent her this week, she was over the moon, and talk about being in synch with each other tonight I've arrived home to a gorgeous little angel statue for my new work desk, which means we were thinking about each other this week which I think is fab!  So a big grateful to lovely friends!

I shall leave you with my entry to the stay at home journal this last month, it was heart in the art and this is my interpretation.

So if you fancy putting down your positives, taking a step back to enjoy the grateful moments and would like to join in, do a blog post, come back link up and we will come and visit.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Evening all, well finally got around to photographing my kit for this month, I've already made good headway into the same which is great.

So this is this month's kit apologies that it's not all neat and tidy but times precious - you get the drift!

I might have to add to the cardstock on this one, was pleased to find a paper with a map on and papers with bicycles on - no cameras unfortunately!

Then the sticker elements

I even went through my off cuts bag to put these together (I often forget about that bag if I'm honest).

So let's get scrapping!