Friday, 25 April 2014


Morning all, tis Friday, let's see what's been Rocking My World this week

Oh aren't bank holiday weekends lovely, why aren't all weekends that long!  I was off last Thursday but with a work based appointment in the afternoon we ended up with a busy but relatively lazy day.  Hubby was off too so we had time with each other which was bliss.

Good Friday meant a trip out, not only enjoying the blue skies, but also celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary - how on earth did that happen!  I'm grateful for the blue skies, for an amazing family, for a husband who I adore more each and every day.

Me said 13 year old, my sister and my niece on the Easter Trail at Wentworth Castle!  It was a lovely day out which I'm really grateful for, even if we had one of the teenagers on our hands who was a little grumpy - strangely enough the grumpiness disappeared on completion of the Easter trail and a winning chocolate egg!

One of the 'eggs' that had to be found - some of these made me giggle and raised a smile - another grateful!

The view of the house on the day with a giant triple wig wam - there was apparently a wedding being held on the day - being able to visit such amazing places is always a positive

And me and hubby 16 year on - grateful for sister capturing this shot of us!

Saturday found is venturing to Temple Newsam - I'd never heard of it, but it's only half an hour up the motorway from where we are.

Panorama of the house, it's lovely inside with loads of items to look at and enjoy and currently has a Rembrandt exhibition, but we weren't allowed to take photos even without a flash which is a shame, it's a greater shame that we heeded the request whilst others continued to smile for the cameras they had with them!  So grateful for local historic houses!

Grateful for hubby capturing a photo of me and said 13 year old that I actually like - how tall is he getting!

Sunday we ventured a whole mile down the road to a Vintage Car rally - I really wish they'd open this house up more to the public!

And this is one of my favourite vehicles from the day! A chopped down mini - because what a mini needs to be obviously is smaller! 

Grateful for the fun said 13 year old had trying to locate chocolate eggs - however, you can tell it was mission accomplished.

Grateful for family catch ups, for lovely conversations, for chilling on the sofa, enjoying family films, for a long weekend, for the WW girls, for the Wear Crafts Design Team and in particular Jen and Lesley, for the team mates on UK Scrappers, for having time to craft.  For enjoying my new job, for a dry day on thursday to sort the washing for another long weekend in front of me.

Plenty of gratefuls there, I'll pop on a layout from another day out from last year that we did.

This one documents the day we had at Harewood when they held their 'Play' festival and hubby and said 13 year old learned how to sculpt sand!

Up close you can see it's a relatively simple layout, the photos made this layout if I'm honest!

There were loads of dolphins to look at on the site they were, great fun and fab photos!

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  1. So glad you have had a wonderful fun filled family time this holidays :D XXX

  2. You had some lovely days out there Virginia. What interesting places you have within easy drives from home. I love the dolphins. We spent many summers in childhood at Weymouth beach in Dorset, and the sand there is perfect for sculpting. I have seen some amazing creations. I am sorry my post is such a marathon this week. I'll get back to normal now! have a good week. Kate x

  3. wonderful photos! superlayouts as always jx

  4. Lots of fun and chocolate! All good!

    Love those sand dolphins and visiting country houses one of my most fave things to do!

    Karen x

  5. I've been away, way too long. What happened to "said 12 year old"? You've gone and replaced him with an older model! Glad to see you are scrapping and traveling and snapping photos with all the same vigor. I need to remember my 'gratefulls" again too!

  6. Sounds like you had the perfect weekend :)
    Bring on the next Bank Holiday eh!

  7. Wonderful post Virginia, full of amazingness. I'm always in awe of how much you cram into your holidays!

  8. Bit late catching up on your week - happy anniversary for last weekend! love the photos, looks like you all enjoyed yourselves, (eventually, ha ha!) mind you chocolate cures most things I find... xx

  9. So beautiful... Love all the details. Very harmonious !