Saturday, 5 April 2014


Good morning I'm here sharing layouts again from quite an old folder that I've been working through, this layout documents our 'cheap' day out.  We decided that we could still have a fabulous day out around Chatsworth without having to pay to go in, the surrounding countryside really is gorgeous and you can get great views of the house.

So we parked up (paying our due fees) and set off with a picnic in hand, hiking chairs, flasks of coffee, bottles of pop. My sister had memories of doing the same when she was younger, sitting by the river, having a picnic and paddling in the water when the day got too warm; so we were all for recreating that. 

After a lengthy journey through two fields which were quite frankly covered in sheep poo we found a 'spot' not secluded but near where everyone else had set up.  There were windbreaks and deck chairs and barbecues galore, but we were far enough out of the way as it were.

The river was a 6 foot drop to get to it and very muddy.  There were a few going in and out but by the time they reached land they were somewhat covered in mud, in fact we did see one child covered head to foot.  By this time our 'cheap' day out and secluded picnic was already in tatters.

Then 'the family' turned up.  She was screeching at the kids as they arrived and plonked themselves within 6 foot of us (I kid you not).  He's demanding lager as soon as they arrived and then proceeds to prat about up a tree next to the river encouraging the kids to 'jump in' (6 feet up - I ask you  really!!!!).

But the final final straw was when she decided that what the day needed was most cheesetastic music blaring out!

We picked up our picnic and headed back across the two fields.  We decanted most of it into the car but kept a couple of blankets and some drinks and then paid to go into the garden.

We headed up to the cascade which had shade (something that was needed for yours truly at the time due to the tablets I was on that caused immediate burning).  We had a great view of the house, said 13 year old had the chance to paddle in the cascade.  There was no blarring music, no lager demanding men and a flat green area where we could play ball games without fear of the poo

I declared on the day that if we ever wanted to do it again - we would simply pay to go and have a 'Posh Picnic'.

Hope you have a great Saturday!


  1. Oh dear - glad you got your picnic in the end - great double layout

  2. Oh this did make me laugh because I'm sure we must encounter the Kent version of that family quite regularly! Posh picnic eh? Love it!

  3. I am a horrible family magnet I tell ya - a place can be empty until I settle down then every man and his chavvy wife and kids turn up - not that I'm a snob or anything!!!