Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Morning all still sharing more CKCB layouts from March to share.  First up this one of me and my sister at Center Parcs a while ago,  I used a homemade polaroid shape for the photo, added some buttons using yellow embroidery thread and some bunting along the page.

Next up a layout of Brodsworth Hall when we went for an Enchanted night, it was lovely (expensive even though we are members) but worth while when I look back at some of the fabulous photos!

Hope you are having a good day, can't wait to see the new counterfeit kit - hoping it's got less pink in it for me this month!


  1. You don't have to use the CKCB colours, just be inspired by the kit, I go for patterns if I don't like the colours :)

  2. Love the layouts and Lesley is right if you don't like the colors then go by the patterns :) But I think your gonna like Aprils color pallet :)