Monday, 14 April 2014


Good morning all, well more counterfeit kit layouts to share this morning,  the two layouts this morning refer to our first 'encounter' with a harmonograph. When we went to a Christmas Fayre last year we bumped into one of hubbies cousins who asked if we'd seen the harmonograph which we hadn't so we ventured along for a better look.  A harmonograph is a Victorian form of spirograph, but the item moves rather than it being the individual that creates the pattern.  They do this using pendulums and it really is amazing to see.

Once we'd got our head around it said 13 year old asked if he could have a go and for a few pounds he was able to 'have' a go and also bring home the artwork - win win in my book.

In this first layout I chose to split the photo up, initially I cut it down as there was someone in the background of the photo, but by doing so I'd removed the critical item (the harmongraph), so I cropped the individual out and off set the photo and then split the other end - win win as it were.


As well as being part of the counterfeit kit, it is also the Stuck Sketch (click here for link) for this month too.  

This is the sketch in question 

The other layout I created linked with this event was this one, where you can see up close the harmonograph in action and the design that you can see being created is now sat in said 13 year old's bedroom! 

Apparently the company were looking at creating a kit so you could have a go at home - so we will definitely be watching this space!


  1. A wonderful back story to your double layout. It looks fantastic.

  2. I used to love my Spirograph! The harmonograph made a beautiful pattern.

  3. How fascinating! I had never heard of one before but it looks so interesting - and fun! Love your pages showcasing this Virginia :) especially how you got around having a stranger in the photo.

  4. Super cute layouts and a cool rendition of the sketch :) What a great story to tell

  5. How amazing, looks like great fun! I do love a LO with a story and these two are fab.

  6. You're tiring me out with all your lovely layouts - phew, where do you get the time?

  7. Wonderful way you chose to "fix" the picture. You did a great job with these layouts!