Sunday, 13 April 2014


Morning all - tis Sunday and time for more counterfeit layouts.

First up a layout of my secret Santa gift as part of Carmen's Secret Santa last Christmas - I was the lucky recipient of a parcel from Carmen herself and I loved all of it!

The picture she did says "get off the internet and make something!" and sits next to my computer reminding me not to go over the top with internet time!   I got a fabulous celtic knot border punch (which has become a firm favourite of mind), chocolate, a mould, a chunky ATC to play with amongst other things - I loved all of it and felt it deserved a layout all of it's own! !

Next up is a ridiculously simply layout, my problem with 'elegant' papers is that I find it a struggle to blend other types of paper, I started this and felt it needed more but couldn't work out what, so decided to make it one with plenty of white space, I added the hand stitching.

Right peeps I shall leave you with that today.


  1. What a great gift from Santa (aka Carmen!)
    Great layouts - keep them coming :)

  2. You don't need lots of 'stuff' to make a special LO.. you have made a perfect LO without any fussiness and it works perfectly. Congrats!

  3. Super cute layouts and I have to agree with the statement about crafting

  4. Oh lovely - I struggle with elegant too so I'm impressed that you've made it work so well with a manly photo.