Thursday, 17 April 2014


More counterfeit kit layouts this morning for you, yes layouts 15 and 16, now this month on the counterfeit blog they've mixed things up a bit including providing lots of sketch inspiration - now let it not be said that I turn down a decent sketch LOL!

The first layout was the one chosen by Stephanie her blog entry is here and this came from an original blog post with the original sketch here 

I really liked this sketch, it documents seeing James Arthur in concert earlier in the year, the photo is fairly poor as it was taken on a fairly old mobile phone, but it was good to document it so it appears in my scrapbooks!

and this is the sketch

The next layout was chosen by Leslie and this is the blog link with the sketch here 

This layout and more to the point this picture documents seeing Slava's Snow Show, at the very end of the show, these giant inflated balls were 'bounced' around the audience which is when we got this shot which I converted into an instagram photo.  Again it's good to document these activities even if the photos aren't great.  I used this photo for two reasons, firstly the photo is square (it's an instagram shot) and secondly because the circles behind the photo remind me of the ball in the photograph!

This is the sketch

There are loads more sketch inspiration over on the counterfeit kit blog and I've been making the most of them, I'll be sharing more of them later.


  1. 15 and 16 - OMG you're on a roll!!!

  2. Oh My WoRD! 15 & 16... you rock! Lovely LOs they are too!

  3. Fantastic layouts, yes I agree your on a roll :) cool that you took on the sketches that the other 2 girls did, good job on your rendition of the sketches

  4. Lesley said it!!! Your layouts look awesome. There is nothing like a great sketch to inspire you is there?

  5. I love that you scrap photos that many folk wouldn't think of highlighting but as you say, they are all memories of an occasion and that is what scrapbooking is all about - capturing a moment. Great LOs Virginia.

    Toni xx

  6. Love what you did with my sketch (#16) & could it have been more perfect than your subject??? You are really cooking up a HUGE smorgasbord of scrappy goodness :~D

  7. Great take on the sketches ! Love your inked background on the second layout.

  8. Great memories, good to scrap them so prettily - love the sketches too. You are doing amazingly with this kit ... 16 pages?!!?!???! I managed 8 layouts with one counterfeit kit once before getting bored and running out of scraps!