Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Morning all, well it's a bit grey and overcast this morning but I thought I could share a bright and cheery layout with you.  This little layout uses up lots of offcuts from the Wear Crafts Twelve Pledges Scrapbook kit for March, into a neat and tidy format so I can create another layout.  Really versatile idea which originally came from a Simple Recipes idea on UK Scrappers in February. 

The idea is you cut several pieces of paper or cardstock so they fit the page, the largest item is 3.75" x 2.75" and then all the items inside of that are obviously smaller, most of them that I've done up to now have a piece of paper which measures 3.5" x 2.5" inside it and then I cut shapes by hand (the heart on the top three pieces), punch out shapes (the heart on the middle row left hand side and the little hearts on the page).  

I add hand stitching, left over stickers whatever is close to hand.  As you can see I've used one to document the photo.  You can vary the size and position of the photo as well, in this instance I've made it the same as one of the cards, but I could easily have made it the width of two cards or even three or four and it doesn't have to go in the centre but off to one side or at the bottom or top - wherever you fancy really! 

The great thing is if you have any left over once you've put a page together they are great card toppers or embellishments for future layouts so you're using your scraps as you go and have some ready made items when you want to pop a quick layout or card together in future. 

This layout definitely showcases how gorgeous and versatile these papers and shows how they compliment each other with significant ease!  Fancy finding out more about getting your hands on the Twelve Pledges kits - then click here

Happy Scrapping!


  1. Love that patchwork effect. It's a great way of using many patterned papers without it being overwhelming.Those cards would work well for Project Life too.

  2. All those hearts are adorabubble :)