Friday, 7 March 2014


Tis time - count the grateful moments in amongst the week - go on you know you want to!

A quiet reflection on the few days at Center Parcs, meant that we had fun family time, enjoying some fresh air, seeing lots of wildlife, having time for just me and hubby with our early morning walks and meal out - all was good!

Next up this piece of mail art that arrived from Sarah on Monday, apparently it took a week to get here but did arrive with a rather large amount of other mail!

Love the texture of it which I think you can just about make out on the photo!

Then there is the fabulous card from Gail, this had me grinning from ear to ear - thank you fun, it is beautiful and I love love love the sentiment!

Then there was another gift (and a pressie for little sis which I forgot to photograph before I passed it over doh!   Then there was more gifts - this time in the form of unwanted scrapping items - "pass 'em here love I'll use 'em" it's like 'vintage/retro scrap items!'

Then more pressies from Sarah, gorgeous buttons good enough to use to create moulds - now there's a thought! (Bit blurry sorry!)

And another gift in the post, this time Frances (new2this) on UK Scrappers sent this made to measure cuff for said 13 year old.  You may remember that Frances was my secret Santa on the stocking swap on UK Scrappers and when she found out the link with the crystal asked if said 13 year old would wear a cuff using the crystals she had left over up - how talented is this lady!

So it's been a positive post week up to now.  Which I love, so much more fun than boring brown
envelopes full of bills and tat wouldn't you agree?

So maybe it's time to make a positive difference on the world, try and spend a little time each day doing something positive for someone else.  Maybe you are out walking your dog just saying good morning or good evening to someone that passes by might make their day, I know so many people out there who are on their own and don't get to talk to anyone.  Or you haven't spoken to a friend/family member in a while, write to them - do you remember snail mail put pen to paper pop it in an envelope and send it - make their day!

I've signed up to 100 Happy Days - apparently 71% of people fail because they are too busy!   Too busy to be happy - confused doesn't come into it!  You are supposed to document what makes you happy with a photo of it, one per day for a hundred days, but when you are in rocking moment there are so many things that we note - have you noticed that?  So we don't want to clock a 1 per day we clock every single one.  I've started today day 1 - happiness = scrapping at 8.30 in the morning (3 layouts done by 10am!).

So there you go happiness and positives, try and make the difference this week, my rockettes make a difference every week for me, I love love love, following Kate's adventures in Spain and all her amazing work with charities, loving her days out, choir practice beautiful flowers in her garden!  Blue skies galore bliss!  Or maybe Caro and her adventures with her youngster I adored her trip to Nerf world last week - said 13 year old was mighty intrigued with it - made me google it and everything!  - mainly because he'd come up with it as a business venture himself recently (albeit just in his mind).  Or Lesley my fellow DT member from Wear Crafts and her adventures in the week, so lovely to have glimpses of other peoples lives which I adore.  Finally last week our brand new Rockette on the block Sian - check out her brill blog here 

That my lovely people is that, this week make a difference, don't sit in judgement you don't know what path that person has walked - if you can't walk a mile in their shoes then don't judge - just make a difference to someone else's not because of pay back but because it feels good - go on I dare you and once you've done something, blog it and come back and link and comment.  Let's make this world a better place!

Until next week - Mr Linky


  1. i have many reasons to be cheerful... and i have taken the time to think about them... off to the public weighbridge now to see how many tonnes it is today lol. Take care me dear and the layouts have been fab, thankyou, jenx

  2. Thanks for the kind comments Virginia. It is good to be positive. the 100 days thing sounds good but having done project 365+1 in 2012, I would not attempt another project that called for something to be done daily. Some days there is just no space left for that! other days I could do several, but I think i'll stick to my weekly collection for now.
    Those buttons are truly beautiful, and you should definitely make moulds of them before you use them.
    The wrist band is great. It is certainly something my boys would have worn at that age. What a talented friend. Have a blessed week. I do believe UK is in for some sunshine. Kate x

  3. You have had some very happy mail indeed this week!!

  4. What a great week full of lovely gifts you lucky girl. Hope this next week is just as good. xx

  5. <3 wow you got a lot. of happy mail. this week. yeay. yes I know how much I love happy mail so I try to send to people. too to cheer them up. break up the monotony. I still do the thankfulness just. takes me so long to make and not sure people.even read my last week one lol. linky elves never linked. me to you and I. think you were away. so didn't this week. just getting linky elves to link. me to challenges with my pile of unblog cards they are all waiting in a .row on my blog ready. scheduling rocks xxxxx

  6. What an excellent load of lovely post! and thanks for the "hello" I wanted to get back for last week and then got caught up in other projects (thinking positively though - I guess it's good I had that stuff to do!) but I'n off to check out the others now and I'm thinking about this week

  7. Argh! just lost my comment. But I wanted to say that I had hoped to get back last week and I'm gunning for this week and now I'm off to check other the others. What a great week of post you had! and thanks for the lovely "hello"

  8. I just started the 100 happy days this week. I do wonder as i am posting what happens if i have another better happy moment but i will just count that as a personal bonus i guess. :) Rocking moments does show him many rocking happy moments one has.