Friday, 28 March 2014


Tis Friday and time to sit back and take stock of the last seven days as it's ...

Mmm these days always feels like a dig deep but I'm sure it won't be once it gets rolling

OK first up the WW girls - they've kept me sane this week when things were tough and I felt like I was losing the plot, having that little group of friends really does make an amazing difference to my life and for that I am always grateful.

A clean house, it's been an epic task and there are still things to resolve (like the great stamping task that I've started and suddenly wondered why oh why have I done this) but it's now clean and tidy and I know where pretty much everything is!

My Mum, she keeps me smiling and it has been a fabulous spending more time with her recently.

My sister for just being her, even though we've both had a tough week, we can still natter, put the world to rights and be there for each other.

My amazing husband, when tasks needed doing at my Mum's house (putting up curtain poles, shelves, moving a bed, building a bed) he didn't bat an eyelid and just got on with it, it's made a mahoosive difference for her home!

Keeping in contact with two old work colleagues have both made me smile - so lovely!

Lovely positive messages from an Aunty for my Mum to pass on!

A school mate being over for said 13 year old on Tuesday - fab stuff!

That my lovely people will be my lot for this week so I'll leave you with a couple more  counterfeit challenge blog kit layouts

Both layouts from Center Parcs my niece and Mum playing squash in this layout

And me and niece playing squash in this one!

If you fancy joining in then we would love to come and visit, write a blog post, head over link up and we shall come and visit.


  1. Lovely meaningful rocking moments and 13 years?!

    Gorgeous spreads as well. Memory capturing.

  2. A lovely positive post Virginia, keep smiling and have another positive week :) xx

  3. Lots of positive things there Virginia. I am glad you manage to keep smiling even when the going gets tough. I love the pink and lemon in your second layout. Well done for playing squash. I never did get my head around that. Have a happy week. Kate x

  4. Great Rocking memories, Virginia :)