Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Morning all, well this month has gone by in a blur, I haven't even shared the kit I put together for the CKCB challenge and I'm between computers at the moment, so goodness knows where those photos are.

However I have played along despite the lack of sharing on here.  So this is me catching up.  My kit ended up with an awful lot of pink in it which is why I think I was struggling to use it as it's just not my favourite colour when it comes to scrapping (must have something to do with having a boy).  

However around mid month I threw in a couple more sheets of yellow to balance it a bit and found that my usage increased.

First up layout called Sneaking TV - I tend to ban TV whenever we are away as I find it 'eats' time.  So by having no TV distraction we do a lot more, go out more, are more active, talk more and have a proper break.  However, with the invention of so many on the go pieces of technology I was bemused to discover the inventiveness of said 13 year old and niece when we went to Center Parcs around Christmas time.  

Yes those two wires dangling down, gives away the fact that they were watching TV on my nieces tablet that she'd took with her - honestly there's no hope! 

The yellow shape in the layout above comes from a piece of paper I bought an age ago which is the same shape, I've never wanted to use it as I like to use it as a template to create other layouts LOL!

I also tied the embroidery thread through the buttons for a change and tied in a bow for effect.

Next up a fairly simple layout of hubby and sister who found the real ale stall when we visited a Christmas fayre (I kid you not).

I added a few hearts, buttons and a little bit of yellow hand stitching to finish it off.

I'll share some more of my layouts tomorrow.  Hope you are having a splended week.   


  1. Of course it's not too late!!
    I too have papers like that - use only for templates!
    Lovely layouts - I think teenagers will always find a way!

  2. Great pages! Your son looks like he is cheekily enjoying his TV fix. We are trying a TV free night once a week.... not working out too well at the moment!!!! I agree with you it is such a 'time eater'.

    Karen x

  3. never too late to join in the fun! And I tend to keep working with my kits for months as I'm just not fast enough to use them all up! Great pages and I like the way you adapted your kit when you realised that it wasn't really working well enough for you.

  4. Hi Ginny, a great decision to ban TV etc when your away, I went to a Passengers Gig a few months ago and was bemused at the number of people watching the gig on their phones as the streamed it to youtube. Technology is wonderful but surely there's more to be gained in watching the performance live than watching it on a little phone screen! Love this LO though, it'll be a great one to bring out when he's an adult! Thanks for the love you've spread in my direction, it helped brighten some dark days. X Michelle

  5. Super cute pages, I was surprised when I didn't see a kit from you, now I know why :)

  6. Such a sweet layout. I have a few pages I use for templates also.