Sunday, 2 February 2014


Sunday morning, hopefully yours is a lazy Sunday morning with lots of paper reading, tea drinking and breakfast eating, mine is going to be a bit busier - but that's not a problem

Do you know there is nothing better than a challenge to get the creativeness working, these layouts document several challenges on UK Scrappers recently.

I really enjoyed this one, using a different combination of colours than normal for me, documenting said 13 year old on the giant ant at Crich tramway museum, although it used to look a lot bigger when he was a lot younger if you know what I mean!
Next up documenting a gig we went to last year, such good fun, I love live music, dreadful phone photos - but hey who cares - documented the gig!
And finally another sculpture from Crich Tramway museum, thankfully these gorgeous wooden carvings are now varnished so hopefully will last for years to come!
Hope you're having a happy scrapping time at the moment!


  1. Ew - don't like that big bug!!!!
    Lovely layouts :)

  2. Love the colour palette on these LO's Virginia...and the photos (but yikes, that big bug is creepy!!!).
    I think the gig photos are perfect for the theme...more immediacy if you know what I mean....they show you were there and enjoying it.
    Hugs xx