Friday, 7 February 2014


Good morning, everyone hope you are all well and Friday greets you with a great deal of positives from the last 7 days because its

First up is reaching 100 followers, I've been at 99 for an absolute age now, but the other day it popped over the 100 and it made me smile!

Next up hubby for being my amazing rock, listening, support being a shoulder to cry on when things were difficult on Monday.  I'm now officially on garden leave as my job reaches the end and redundancy looms, but I'm hopeful things will take a new positive turn in the right direction, we will see what is to come in the following months.  After the initial shock (I thought I'd work my notice), I've decided it really was the kindest and easiest way to go, prolonging the agony would have become too much.  So a new chapter that is currently unwritten lies ahead.

My Mum for dropping everything and coming and seeing my Monday when things had gone pear shaped, very much appreciated.

Likewise, the fabulous Wednesday Whine girls for being themselves, rallying around and listening when things ended on Monday - thank you girls - you know who you are!

Scrapbooking for saving my sanity, I know I know you think I'm jesting but I'm not, being able to switch the brain off and create layouts of memories really is one of the greatest gifts that crafting provides.  I'm also on the verge of accepting I might need to get some more photos printed which is a rarity!

Said 13 year old for listening to the things he could do at Options evening and taking the process so seriously - he really is amazing.  Hearing teachers sing his praises really does make you grin from ear to ear!

Sunrises, evenings walks, chats with my cousin over the phone have also featured in my positives this week.  I hope yours has been truly blessed too.

I'll leave you with a layout and Mr Linky, if you fancy joining in blog about it, link up, comment and then we can come and visit!  Photo taken when we visited Llandudno last year, I almost opted for the bottom right photo only but the photo of my niece in mid yawn still makes me giggle so I couldn't help but scrap it too!
Mr Linky


  1. Hope your job situation resolves itself and you find something suitable. Not sure what you do or how easy that will be - but good luck! You have an amazing family who are always there for you so I know you will be fine. Love the layout!! Thanks for your kind words on my own first foray into scrapping (nearly missed typing the 's' there...oops!) xx

  2. I hope you enjoy your gardening leave until you find a new job.... good luck with it all :)

    Great list of positives to carry you through the week and another fun layout too.

    Karen x

  3. I love it when I get new followers but I'm nowhere near 100 :(
    Good luck on the job front, enjoy the quiet time as I'm sure something will turn up soon.
    Hearing people saying good things about your kids is ALWAYS great, makes you realise that you're not doing such a bad job.
    Hope the coming weeks rocks for you xx

  4. I'm sure that things will work out well for you on the job front, but until the right thing comes along, enjoy your leave. You have a great family and friends that support you and are there for you so just enjoy the bit of extra time you can spend with them.
    Congratulations on breaking the 100!

  5. I'm sure your niece is so pleased yo included the yawn picture! LOL!

    You are scrappnn machine at the Kent but I am really loving seeing you creative! Big hugs x

  6. Not sure if my comment went through... Happy to see you scrapping so much, love the yawn picture :-)

  7. Having been on garden leave...on garden leave i am thinking of you. It is not easy. Not any of it.