Friday, 21 February 2014


Morning all 'tis Friday which means it's Rocking Your World time, ready to take stock and look back over the last 7 days!

Top of the list - my amazing hubby - he is amazing, I don't know if I tell him often enough but he is.  He is currently having to 'put up with' the "why don't I have a new job yet" attitude which he keeps getting from me.  Thankfully he keeps telling me to calm down and stop applying for random jobs I don't technically want, apparently there is a perfect role just around the corner or so I've been told by him on several occasions this week.  So here is to hubbies who 'get' who we are! In fact here's a layout using my CKCB kit of hubby!

Up close you can see one of the mini cards I created inspired by a post I saw on Lesley's blog as part of the counterfeit kit ideas.  In turn I used it as an accent to the page as well as somewhere to add a bit of hand journalling!

Next up said 13 year old, he really is so very grown up, he doesn't throw strops or have moods (yet), he is kind and considerate and happy to help.  He still occasionally asks for a hug (which is lovely) and he has an awesome sense of humour.  He doesn't moan about homework but has come to realise it's easier just to get on with it.  Watching him chatting with his cousin recently made me realise that these two young people really are turning into awesome young adults!  Long may it continue.

Next up blue skies - shall I say that again BLUE SKIES - yes I went out for a walk this week and this is what I saw apparently that huge ball of fire in the sky is apparently the sun and that blue stuff around it is the sky - haven't seen it in a while, wasn't sure if it was still there!

Photo: Sunshine

Then there is my walk, from my house I can do a nice 1.5 mile circular walk which takes me about 30 minutes, it has been lovely this week to put my headphones on, grab my keys and my phone and just walk. 

On this circular walk I can see the Church in the next village

And two of the follies linked with Wentworth Woodhouse.  This is the one closest to us called Keppels Column 

So here's to more blue skies, more crafting (mine is still out of hand but I like it that way).  

Next up parcels from Jen at Wear Crafts, I was so giddy to pick this up from the sorting office as I bought two add on kits this month.  I got home, made myself a cuppa and then opened the box up. Ooh my the kits for February, March and April for the 12 pledges are beautiful, the add on kits are amazing!  

Fun family nights out, we went out on Valentine's Night (now before you all say ahhhhhhhh - it's my Mums and hubbies birthday on Valentine's Day).  We booked for a local pub which has a lovely conservatory attached to it but you know when it's going to be 'one of those nights'.  We got there to see a guy setting up his guitar and speakers - mmmm doesn't bode well.  Live music on a Valentine's night out?  There were quite a few couples in there that were trying to go for the romantic edge - not likely with him strumming away over the top of pre-recorded music - I think it was the point when he started singing "Morning Has Broken" that we really started to lose the plot!  Although my sister sat singing along and embarrassing her daughter was highly amusing, the fact my sister new most of the tracks from films like the Wedding Singer, can only lead you to imagine the hysterics she had us in! 

They didn't have any soup for starter or any of the other starter we wanted so we abandoned that idea, the meal was OK, but apparently there was only one dessert left to fight over so we declined.  Then the icing on the cake was when we were told at 9.15pm that kids had to be out by 9.30pm - welcome - not really LOL, but it was a lovely night with family which is the main thing and well we can laugh about it now! 

Right my lovely people you must be bored by now of me waffling on, if you fancy join in pop a blog post together, pop back link up with Mr Linky at the bottom and leave a comment, we'll come and visit. 

I'll leave you with another counterfeit layout that I've created using my kit. This one of sister, niece and said 13 year old on the Japanese Bridge at Portmeirion. 

Mr Linky 


  1. I'm so glad you have seen blue skies this week Virginia. They really lift the spirits don't they. The night out sounds like rather a hit and miss affair, but at least you can laugh about it now, I have never known anyone produce as many lovely scrapbook layouts as you so. What on earth do you do with them all. You must have a whole library of albums.
    Mr Linky is here in name but not in body this week, so you can find my post here
    Perhaps you could link me up please, if he decides to play nicely later.
    Have a great week. Kate xx

  2. Yay for lovely.wear crafts.parcels,Fabby bunnies,non stroppy teens xxx I can't be out in. It just yet but.the view Rom my window is fantastic is is great!.

  3. Your hubby is so right - the "perfect" something will just turn up - I strongly believe in fate.
    Well done to said 13 year old.
    Oh to blue skies - we just haven't seem enough of those this year.
    Lots to scrap about for your Valentine's evening!
    Another week of not joining in but lovely to read about your week.
    Hope that dream job materialises soon :) xx

  4. Playing catch up with some blogs, been a bit busy this weekend ( as you've seen!) Love the story of your Friday night out, made me smile! Good luck with the job seeking.

  5. Oh blimey. Your meal story reminded me of the time we had booked for a sunday roast at a local pub which used to be fantastic for meals (USED to be) New owners - new attitude. As we were still eating our roast the owners were hovering,waiting to clear the table, asking if we'd finished as the next booking was due in any moment. Flaming cheek... My dad, NOT a pudding man then asked for the pudding menu and ordered another round of drinks. It did not go down well and we haven't been back since. Again. Welcome? Nope.

    Lovely, lovely blue skies. Loving your photos. Loving hubbies attitude on the job front.

    Big hugs,

    Carmen x

  6. The night out seems like a nightmare...i guess you can be glad it was not a date night. Very unromantic!!

    That is the right attitude on the job front but it is so hard sometimes to believe it. It can feel very daunting and overwhelming.

    I also know how far behind i am and how these comments may be completely out of context. Bear with them. :) xx