Friday, 14 February 2014


Good morning, well it's Friday which means one thing - Rocking Your World post but I've also got the final instalment of the Wear Crafts layouts I've been doing using the first of the 12 pledges kits.  If you don't fancy reading the Rocking moments from the last 7 days then simply scroll down until you find the layouts.

It's a while since I've spoken a little more deeply around the rational for Rocking Your World.  In a world where we have 24 hour news which is normally negative, where we are constantly bombarded by opinions and judgements through social media, it's very easy to fall into a mindset which leaves you feeling somewhat down and fed up.

That's how Rocking Your World was born, thinking about the last seven days and highlighting the positives really made the world of difference.  We are all dealt a different hand when it comes to life, however, how we choose to deal with it can be of our choosing, don't believe me then give it a whirl.

I'm currently on garden leave with the final redundancy date looming, I could sit and wallow in it, but I now accept this is how life is, so my grateful is that this time is allowing me some thinking space, I'm grateful that it's allowing me time to sort the house so that time with my family of an evening and weekend is even more precious.  Its allowed me to have discussions with hubby about 'what if I don't get a job' and come up with some contingencies, I'm not shying away from the future I'm now shouting "bring it on...!!!"

I'm grateful that I'm relaxing a little more and connecting mentally with said 13 year old, he's got some big choices in the way of his options and spending time discussing things with him and taking an active role in the options evening means he has the information to aid him make the right choices.

I'm grateful for hubby who having been awake since 4am, been to work from 6am, shopped for his Mum, picked his Mum's tablets up came home and had tea, then didn't bat an eyelid at going over to my Mum's house to help build some Ikea furniture until 10pm at night.

I'm also grateful that he's already accepted that we'll be back again helping out to get the job done, making her life easier, although it requires time on our part means we are all doing a bit and this I like.  We came together as a family, we chatted on the phone with loved ones and then got on with the task in hand.  It made me happy!

I'm grateful for the gym and the conversations I've had with both my brother and sister recently on the positives of utilising a gym, it's true that time there has lifted my mood.

I'm grateful for the blue skies on Monday - where oh where have you been.

I'm grateful for a warm house

I'm grateful I got to see the first snow medal that Great Britain has ever won, made me grin from ear to ear.

I'm grateful for my lovely WW girls who keep me sane.

I'm grateful to Lesley and Jen who are a constant source of inspiration!

I'm grateful for my UKScrappers group and Suzy for asking me to join, it made me feel wanted!

I'm grateful for every single rockette that's joined in, whether you've joined in once, whether you have only recently joined, whether you used to join in, I hope the Rocking posts have made a difference.

So let's hope this next 7 days proves just as positive and as fruitful!

Mr Linky as always is at the bottom of the post, if you fancy joining in so we can come and visit! If you don't have the time (or don't have a blog) just try and note those positives as they occur, it really does alter your perception of life.

Wear Crafts 

Over the last couple of days I've been sharing with you layouts created utilising the Wear Crafts 12 pledges kit for January together with an add on kit.  Now unfortunately the kit is now sold out, however elements of the range and add on elements to the kit are still available from Jen.  So if you fancy giving them a whirl head over to the Wear Crafts website (see top right hand side of my blog for the Wear Crafts button which will take you straight there).

The little wooden elements available in this range really are gorgeous, I used some pink card stock I had in my normal supplies, added strips of paper and some of the turquoise diamond paper as a start to this layout.

I then added some handstitched arrows and little crosses on the page.  Next up was the title and then I matted the photo and added to the layout.

A journal block sticker was added and the page was done.  This one documenting a gorgeous scarecrow that we found when visiting Alnwick Gardens last year!

The final layout I'm sharing is of a beautiful evening sky photo that we took one evening, close to our home.  I had lots of small elements left from the kit and add on kit and wasn't sure at first if I'd be able to create a final layout.  But I need not have worried because with a sheet of plain blue card stock I had to hand,  I started to build up the remaining elements onto the page, it's a great way to 'use up' elements. With the off cuts of paper I had left I just cut into squares and rectangles and added to the page.  I used one of the 'empty' frames to document my journalling
 Up close you can see the layered elements and the hand stitching!
Don't forget to find out more head over to the Wear Crafts website.


  1. Sounds like you are using your gardening leave in all kinds of positive ways - not that we would expect any different from you! I am sure you will find another job and wish you well in the hunt for it. Happy Rocking/Valentine's day!! (Love the layouts, too!)

  2. Lovely positive post Virginia. Great idea to focus on the good things in life.

    Great layouts again!

    Karen x

  3. Keep smiling Virginia... You'll get there on the job front.. And look how positive you are

  4. With your positive attitude, I am sure you will soon have your future sorted out. It does sound as though you are all keeping busy, and as usual, there is plenty of family time in there. I hope a few other folk start following your example and join us with their grateful moments.
    I hardly need to say, but I love the sky photo in the second layout. the scarecrow is fun too. Kate x

  5. Such a great post -= I always try hard to do this all the time - In the bleakest situation there is always something good , even if it just teaches us to be happy with what we have. xxxxx

  6. Your gardening leave is giving you so much more time to scrap girl!!!
    Good luck with the options - difficult choices.
    My hubby thinks he knows how to put things together without reading the instructions first, takes twice as long because the last bi will never fit without taking it all apart!!
    I do those jobs in this house :)
    I started Body Magic which has reduced my weight drastically - I'm having a week off this week to prove a point!
    Oh to feel wanted :)
    Love being part of a team with you and Jen :)
    I will be back Rockin in, just not this week!
    I've loved the kit this month, can't wait for the next :)
    Have a great week Virgina xxx

  7. Excellent layouts! jenx (love being teamies too)

  8. I love when you round up what Rocking Friday means to you, it really, really does reprogram the way you think.

    Lots of lovely positives this week - I remember how good you feel when you come out of the gym :) Lots of positive vibes coming atcha on the job front x x x

    Am late but have joined in again! Woohoo!

  9. Making a note of all the good really does make the not so good manageable. Most of the time. Very inspiring post and you have good support networks around you. Slowly i am catching up. Also glad to see you have become a scrapping fiend. Crikey. You must have a zillion scrapbooks.