Monday, 24 February 2014


Good morning one and all, welcome to my part in the CKCB members' blog hop, if you are blog hopping then you should have reached me via

Susanne's blog which can be found here

So which challenge am I going to show you?

Challenge 1 - the Ugly Sweater challenge or perhaps, challenge 2 the angled background challenge or could it be the final challenge which was the 10 minute craft dash.  Well not wanting to do anything by halves - I've done all three.

First up Challenge 1 - The Ugly Sweater Challenge

The heart sheet was ideal for hand cutting (yes no ruler was used in the creation of those zig zags) the zig zag elements top and bottom.  Photo of hubby when we were cooking outdoors last year, glass of wine in hand!

Punched some little hearts and threw them on the page confetti styley stuck them where they fell!  Double matted photo and one of those stickers and it was done!

Challenge 2 - The Angled Background Challenge, this layout documents one of the few 'reasonable' phone photos we got when we went to see X-Factor live last year!

And Last but Not Least the 10 Minute Challenge - by this point supplies were in running low, so I made a very quick card!

I honestly can't believe how much creativity I've had out of one kit

At the beginning of the month the kit was put together and looked like this

As I type this up on the 20 February ready for the blog hop - the kit now looks like this!

Will I be joining in next month?  Definitely

Right off you go now to the next participant on the hop which is Cindy

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If you've got lost on the hop, or got here from other means and fancy going from the start the blog hop list looks like this.



  1. Well, you certainly aren't one to do things by halves **chuckle** - great creations Virginia and WOW; look at what you managed from the kit.

    Toni xx

  2. Virginia! Wow! You look like you've had an amazing time using all that kit us! Where oh where are you going to keep all those LOs? I love the way you've shown us all of them on your stairs! Well done.. Keep's addictive isn't it?

  3. WOW! You have been busy! What great projects, I love the "cross stitch" hearts zig zag on Challenge 1, and the card is cool. Correct me if I am wrong... Did you get 21 projects out of your kit?

  4. What an amazing job you've done with that kit Virginia. Great to see the before and after shot - go you!
    And joining in the hop with all 3 of the challenges, glad you'll be back with us next monnth :)

  5. You did 18 LOs? Wow that is amazing. I was quite pleased with my haul last month but I didn't even make half that!

  6. well! three challenges at once - great job with each one! Really like the ugly jumper chevrons. Your pile of layouts and creations is amazing - can't believe you got so much out of one kit. Glad to have you on board and look forward to seeing you again next month

  7. Wow! Virginia, you win girl! How did you get so many LO's & projects out of your February kit? Love the cross stitched hearts in the first challenge LO and the way you used tape to create the angles on the second.

  8. Wow, what a stunning display of your month's work - fabulous. I can see how that first layout reminds one of a knitted sweater. And the angled page is fun too. You've really worked that kit - very impressive!!

  9. Wow! I can't believe you did all three challenges! Brilliant job - and what an impressive gallery of projects yoou've made with your kit too :o)

  10. You have been so very productive! All three challenges - Wow! The kit all used up, too. Great hand cutting.

  11. Beautiful layout and I just love the cutting of the chevrons, and thee angle background what a fun way to do with your journaling and a super card too. I'm in Awe on how you show cased what you did with the kit you got alot done and I'm assuming that you killed the kit :)

  12. Good grief Virginia! That last photo is amazing!

    Love all of your projects but that ugly jumper one makes me smile... and only partly because at first glance I thought your hubby was ONLY wearing an apron :D

  13. All your layouts and card look fabulous.Think I like the first one best,hubby looks so happy.
    A good idea to photograph what you made for the whole month.You should feel satisfied after that lot!

  14. Awesome job of completing all three challenges! Super idea of putting the journaling strips at an angle. Love the photo showing everything you have completed.

  15. WOW - you have really worked that kit! Love the sweater page particularly - great fun. Genius to use your stairway for displaying ALL your kit pages too. BRILLIANT work!!

  16. Fab creativity! Nothing like one of those photos of all the results to encourage you for the next kit. Can't wait to see what you do next :~)

  17. Congratulations on doing such an excellent job on your Counterfeit kit. I love the variety