Friday, 31 January 2014


Morning all tis Friday - time to look back over the last 7 days and note the positive moments, whether it be something huge and monumental or something small and what might have seemed insignificant, if it made you happy and raised a smile then that's a rocking moment!

OK so first up has to be the spectacular theatre group known as Propellor who treated us to an amazing version of Comedy of Errors last Saturday afternoon - we were literally rolling with laughter.  Such good fun!

Visiting family and having a good natter, catching up with my Mum in the car when we were travelling was fabulous too, we were putting the world to rights!

Said 13 year old for helping out around the house when I've been tootling around!

Fresh air - our evening walks have made such a big difference to my mental wellbeing!

Off to the see Coriolanus at the cinema on Thursday night, fingers crossed it's a good watch.

Said 13 year old making buns for his school bun sale for Friday all on his own on Wednesday night - bless him!

Time with my Mum and sister when things went a bit squiffy on Thursday, my anticipated interview unfortunately couldn't happen and it made me feel pretty miserable however, they came to rescue me and made me feel a lot happier even if they did seem a little bit mad and crazy, we laughed an awful lot, the slip ups that happened were spectacular!  My mum saying she'd watched that TV show you know the one "Overcrowded" to which my sister translated into "Outnumbered" - Crazy I tell you!

Right lovely people I think that will do us for this week.

I'll leave you with a layout I've still got plenty in the layouts folder to share, but these are a bit older

This was my attempt at hybrid crafting, I cut out the apples from some clipart folders I'd got but in all honesty I don't think I am that keen - but it's done now!

Documents the joys boys have when faced with trees to climb, the lovely cottage we stayed in during a visit to the Wye Valley had an orchard full of apple trees to go at, he was compelled to climb!

Next up said 13 year was disappointed when we went to stay at a single storey property - but forgave me when he found beams which he could use to thread his turtle lifts over!   Again a bit of hybrid with more clipart and again just not that fussed!
 A layout from Creswell Crags documenting where a potential train could have run through this gorgeous area - hence the title.  The journalling is all around the main square!
Right up lovely people let's grab ourselves Mr Linky, fancy joining in, then blog, link up, comment and we will come and visit!


  1. Overcrowded, that's brilliant!! I enjoyed Outnumbered, however... I like your apples on the layout, great idea... Happy Friday,hope to read about another fab rocking week next week!

  2. Mr Linky has gone AWOL, but you can find my post here
    (I hope I have done that right. It is ages since I did it that way).
    I like your apple LO. You use the term hybrid differently from me, because for me it means that you make your page, including photos, all on the computer, using Corel or Photo Shop etc, and when it is printed out you add some actual physical embellishments - hand made flowers, an envelope containing a message etc. As i understand it, you made a LO in the usual way and added some digitally generated embellishments. Is that right? I like it anyway. You've used a beautiful photo on the last one. I envy you having so much contact with your family. Much as I love my life in Spain, I do miss seeing the family more often. have a great week. Kate x
    I will check back later, and if Mr Linky has turned up, i will link up properly.

  3. Thanks for linking me up Virginia!
    I've been looking at all the lovely layouts you've been showcasing and I think one of my favs is your son with his hot chocolate and cupcake--what's not to love there!
    I've been trying to get up to see my mum and dad for a couple of weeks, but with the weather we've been having all that's possible are some lovely phone chats.
    It sounds like you've had a lovely week. Here's to another good week coming up!

  4. Turtle chaos, boom boom!!

    Great list for this week's Rocking. I'm very jealous that you saw Coriolanus - I only found out about it after it was on, doh!


  5. Sorry about the interview - these things happen for a reason though.
    Good to have belly laughs and the wonderful people around you keeping you strong.
    Enjoy what's let of this week

  6. Did you watch the BBC3 program last night about the Hamlet show performed entirely by people with learning difficulties? At the end they actually really made me want to see Hamlet!

    Loved this post Virginia - felt in a funk lately - I need to get back into the habit!