Friday, 24 January 2014


Good morning/afternoon/evening - how are you, how's your week been, has it been a glorious week full of massive grateful moments, amazing people, love and laughter or has it been a hard slog to the weekend?

Whatever it's been take a moment to reflect and look back and identify the positives because it's

OK so what's this last 7 days been like - let's see.  Well a relaxing weekend without anything that I have to do or anywhere I have to be - that's always a positive!

A jaunt up to Yorkshire Sculpture Park and a look around an amazing exhibition by Amar Kanwar about "The Sovereign Forest" - breathtaking, political, made me angry and sad that things are still occurring in this world that seem ultimately against human nature.  Very very thought provoking, photos taken inside the exhibit!
 Then a new sculpture
 Which was quite tall!
 And a beautiful winter sky!

Spending time with hubby chatting

Our evening walk, it's amazing how much clearer your head feels when you have that to look forward to, despite the cold and the rain.

A meeting at school which was both informative and good fun.

Hairdressers on Tuesday, taming those locks!

A hospital appointment which was altogether weird, not sure it's a positive but I managed it.

Visiting family, catching up with them, even though I've not had enough time with them recently.

Looking forward to Lil Sis finishing her assignments so we can chat and catch up HURRY UP MEL - I'M BORED OF NOT HAVING YOU TO TALK TO!

Chatting with my Mum and putting the world to rights!

Now don't get me wrong this week has been hard work on many fronts, but if we only dwell on the negatives then life will always seem hard, difficult and not much fun.  When you start thinking about the positives life becomes, richer and happier - fancy giving it a go, join in blog it, pop back link up, leave a comment and we'll come visit!

No photos again - however, I'll leave you with a layout and an art journal page before Mr Linky

First up me and said twelve year old with the flood line above our heads in Cockermouth a couple of years ago (when I was still a brunette)!
 And an art journal page for my stay at home art journal page - based on lyrics!
Mr Linky


  1. Hope the appointment wasn't anything too serious - glad you found happiness in your "muddled" week :) x

  2. That is quite an impressive statue, and I love the Winter sky photo. I hope the hospital appointment was good news, though it does sound a bit unsure. You have wonderful support from your family - what a blessing that is. Stay cheerful. Kate x

  3. I don't know how I didn't come by yesterday - love the sky photo! Hope you are ok and the hospital visit was a one off. Your family sounds wonderful... have a great week!