Friday, 17 January 2014


Good morning, good afternoon, good evening hope you are well and that the last seven days has been kind to you and that you've got a long list of grateful moments to look back on because it's
So what has the last seven days had in store for me, well last Saturday saw my first ever venture to a ballet.  Off to the Lyceum Theatre with my Mum, sister and niece to see the Nutcracker, it twas very good, lots of jumping and leaping and kicking of legs - but apparently that's what ballet is all about.  Not sure if I'd want to go to another one but I certainly enjoyed this one and with the Christmas tree at the beginning reminding me that we aren't much out of the festive season I must admit I did enjoy it.  

Next grateful is the verbal errors my Mum occasionally makes, her need to keep talking about the Tin Soldier in the ballet had us giggling, despite the fact he was very obviously the Nutcracker - she wasn't having any of it - love you Mammy! 

Visiting family on Sunday was lovely too a cuppa and a catch up nothing finer! 

Monday evenings don't normally provide much 'fun' factors (well it is Monday), but it provided us with James Arthur in concert with a support act called Tich, lad was very impressed with himself for getting a photo with her in the interval!  James was fab in concert great gig overall just a bit of a long night for a Monday if I'm honest. 

Weight watching on Thursday with a one and a half pound loss - taking off that Christmas excess, let's see if we can manage another loss next week.  

Tuesday was taking said 13 year old into school so that he could have a 'lie in' we had a good old natter on the way twas lovely! 

Now I think said 13 year old is going to rank high up the order this week on my grateful list if I'm honest. 

Having had a difficult evening on Sunday he has significantly pulled out the stops this week, I came home to find he'd emptied the dishwasher and refilled without being asked. 

Finding the washing bin - he did - I almost fainted! 

He also made us a cuppa on Wednesday night complete with teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug, tea cups and saucers!  He did an awesome job.  He also helped cook tea a couple of nights running - so high up this week is my fabulous teenager - thank you sweetie it's meant the world! 

That my lovely people is my lot for this week, I hope your week has been fabulous too, if you fancy joining in, blog it, come back link it and we'll come and visit, don't forget to comment so I know that you've linked up (brain like a sieve), I hope you have a truly beautiful weekend and week ahead. 

I'll leave you with a layout of said 13 year old!  I finally found a use for that paper!  

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  1. There must be something in the air! My teenager came down and asked for the vac....he was tidying his room!!!!. :D XXX

  2. Very.glad for your positives this week.going out is fun.big hugs and I.hope teenager good next week too.

  3. Firstly the it! The perfect papers for a great photo....I remember phones like that...says she, showing her!
    What a great lot of positives this week. Happy you enjoyed the ballet and James Arthur...but I do have to ask..who is Tich? Should I know?
    Isn't it wonderful when boys start to grow up and become helpful? You've got a good'un there!
    Hugs xx

  4. Wow, The Nutcracker ballet and James Arthur - they're at opposite ends of the entertainment spectrum aren't they?!

    Said 13 year old sounds like an absolute star and deserved his lie-in treat.

    Great LO, Virginia - I know you've been going LO crazy recently and I've got quite a few to catch up on!


  5. I'm glad you enjoyed the ballet. It is not everyone's first choice of entertainment, but everybody should see one in their lifetime. Well done to your son for all has good deeds this week. That ride to school was a another precious time to store up and remember now and then. I like the layout. A brilliant choice of papers etc. You have made so many LOs just recently. It would take me ages to do them all. Hugs Kate x

  6. Perfect papers for that photo - just lovely :)

    Look at you, ballet one night - James Arthur the next. You social butterfly you! Gotta love it when the teenagers get it right :) My lot have needed some gentle nagging re: the washing and where it lives lately.

    Have a lovely week Virginia :)

  7. A great week you've had, keep those pounds coming off. A teenager cooking, can you send him my way please!? Enjoy the rest of this week x