Friday, 10 January 2014


Good Morning one and all tis week 2 of Rocking Your World 2014 - how's this week been?

Well last Friday saw us toddling off to Center Parcs for a long weekend (not as long as normal as we usually get to stay the Monday too but children had to be back for school).

The journey down not being too stressful was definitely a positive - I don't normally drive but it made life a whole lot easier taking both our cars this time so I volunteered.

My sister keeping me company on the way down, another set of eyes on the road is always appreciated and definitely on the way back Sunday night when it was raining and dark, I'm not one to enjoy nighttime driving even less so when it's raining - so a big thank you to my sister.

I lovely clean lodge to stay in.

The weather being kind when we wanted to go out and actually getting time to walk, we had a walk on Friday, a really long walk on Saturday and another decent walk on Sunday - simple pleasures but the fresh air was bliss.

Finding something on the menu at the pub we could snack on that fell in with our plan - phew!

Said 13 year old getting the most out of his bike - fabulous stuff if I'm honest.  Sometimes we hire the bikes and they get used a bit, this last weekend he really went for it - going out, cycling for a while and then popping back, think he liked the additional freedom!

The swimming pool, there is something magical about being in a warm pool outside, in Britain in January looking at the stars!

Lovely simple meals, we didn't take too much food, worked it in with our plan and didn't have a boot full of food items on the way back - spot on!

Woodburning stove and toasted marshmallows!

The world's best marshmallow fight in quite some time.

Hubby attempting to sneak me for a romantic drink just the two of us and ending up in the middle of the loudest kids disco - you have to laugh!

Said 13 year old easing himself back into school life.

Accepting that redundancy is looming and there's sod all I can do about it.

Hubby and son for helping keep top side of the house.

Some lovely homecooked food.

A day off with hubby on our own on Monday - we only wandered the shopping centre but it was lovely having a day off together.

And finally my big grateful this week is hubby not thinking i'm barking mad when I've asked if we can go for a walk in the evening, despite it being pitch black (and raining last night) we have gone, just half an hour and you come back feeling so much more positive and upbeat!

So there we have it, I would love to have shared a million photos from the week but we hardly took any and that includes when we were at Center parcs, not sure why - think we were too busy just enjoying the break.

So as it's photo light this week I'll leave you with a layout.

This one from a visit to Attingham Park, it was beautiful but absolutely freezing - hence the title!

If you fancy joining in then pop a post together, pop back, link up and we will come and visit.  Don't forget to leave a comment so I know to come and visit your Rocking Your World blog post too!

Have a fabulous weekend and week ahead


  1. Virginia, your week sounds lovely., spending valuable time with those you love and appreciating the good things in life that we too often forget. Have a great week :) xx

  2. Glad you had a good weekend, lots of fresh air and exercise! Sorry about your looming redundancy, having been through it last year (and still waiting for the money but let's not go there!) I know how you feel. Have a lovely week.

  3. What a lovely post.I love reading about your week xxx

  4. Your time at Center Parcs sounds wonderful. And having family with you makes it even better. Have a very positive week. Kate x